Tuesday, June 28, 2011

tasha's birthday

Sorry for the lack of posting these past few days! Things have been...crazy. And I've been super busy. And I really didn't take many pictures of food...at all. Here's one:

Kait and I split a Chipotle burrito. I never actually get the burrito, or rice or beans. But I have to admit it was amazing.

Tasha's birthday on Saturday was so fun, until it turned into a shitshow with some randos who showed up, but no need to discuss that. Since a lot of my friends took pictures, I'll just steal theirs.


Yes, my good friend Wes does have BEER tattooed on his arm. He's got a Maryland blue crab on the other. I'm trying to convince him to get an Old Bay tattoo.

Birthday girl with her birthday cake.

Birthday girl doing a birthday beer bong. Yeah, we keep it classy in these here parts.

And Nick, doing a keg stand with the help of Tasha's mommy. So happy birthday to my beautiful friend!

I promise to have some food and recipe related posts up soon.

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