Friday, June 17, 2011

grain free onion rings!

I MADE ONION RINGS LAST NIGHT! Grain free, as well as death oil (canola/soy/corn) free. I used a traditional cooking oil: lard. Earlier for dinner I made chicken salad with my own homemade mayo (I'll post the recipe later today). Since the recipe called for two egg yolks, I had some egg whites to use up. Thus, I decided to make some onion rings. To a large bowl I added about half a cup of coconut flour, along with about 4 tablespoons of Old Bay. If you are unfamiliar with Old Bay, get familiar. 


It's a staple in my neck of the woods ("That's what Maryland does, baby! Crabcakes and football!") It is always eaten with crabs. I've never been to a crab feast and had the crabs not coated in a thick layer of Old Bay. That is just blasphemous. Anyway, it is literally good on everything. And if you for some crazy reason you didn't like Old Bay, chances are I would not like you. Anyway, you can add as much Old Bay as you want to the coconut flour, I added a lot because it's God's gift of seasonings and masked the taste of coconut very well.

So I sliced one onion, dipped the rings in the egg white, then the flour mixture and then into the lard. I did not do any fancy stuff like soak the onion in milk, or take the temperature of the lard. I really find all that to be unnecessary. The onion rings still turned out awesome.

Although not the most photogenic onion rings, they were still delicious. I dominated all of them. And plan to make more this weekend.

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