Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I recentl shared a Mark's Daily Apple article about the ethics of eating meat on my Facebook. This ensued:

Rudy Zamora tired argument. not all evil is created equal. this is like ethics 101.
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  • Danielle Jade Stout I don't think it's a tired argument, though I do agree that not all evil is created equal. I think that just because vegetarians are so far removed from their food, that they don't see or ackowledge what they kill, does not make their hands any less bloody.
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  • Russell Shadez Plants are living creatures - why do they find their slaughter and consumption acceptable?
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  • Joel Guzman Maddox has something to say about this:
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  • Christian Golden Usually the claim is that killing plants is more acceptable than killing mammals because the former don't have the capacity to suffer whereas the latter do
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  • Rudy Zamora Is there any proof that modern plant agriculture kills just as many animals as food animal production to justify the assertion that vegetarian hands are "just as bloody"? Also, I didn't know plants are sentient beings capable of cognition and actual suffering.
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  • Russell Shadez We don't know because we haven't asked the plants j/k - seriously, we assume they are not sentient because they don't communicate with us (in a way we understand) - yet they clearly respond to the environment and to human verbal interaction. Plants are life but we don't consider that life precious on any scale, such as, over development, destruction of the rainforest, pollutants, pesticides, and eating.
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  • Danielle Jade Stout First, it's important to note that I only condone eating meat from small/local/grass-fed farms. And yes, there is proof. The toxic run off from soy, corn, canola and wheat (arguably the basis of majority of veg diets) have created a dead zone in the Gulf the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined, effectively destroying marine life and continuing to do so. Modern agriculture destroys eco systems and top soil, while grass-fed farming builds top soil and supports eco systems naturally. Plowing land all over the world to grow soy, wheat, corn, canola, beans, etc has driven species into extinction. CAFO farms are just as bad, and I don't support them either. I know where all of my food comes from, and I know what had to die so that I can eat. But I think vegetarians need to recognize the same.
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  • Danielle Jade Stout Also, if Michael A Buck wants to get in on this conversation he can tell you all about plants being sentient beings capable of cognition and actual suffering.
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  • Russell Shadez Love your passion Lady D!
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  • Michael A Buck Danielle would be referring to a study done by dr. Cleve Backster in the 1960's where he hooked plants up to polygraph machines and got noticeable effects when there existence was threatened, suggesting a measurable if only slight awareness. Scientists to this day cannot tell you what consciousness is, or where it comes from, so how are we to determine what other forms consciousness takes. How do you explain out of body experiences from supposedly dead patients that have no heart or brain activity, yet when they come back after a minute or two, can recall with great detail the things that happened while they were supposedly dead? Consciousness is not a product of the brain, the brain is more likely our personal receiver, for our consciousness.
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  • Michael A Buck Explain to me why plants developed the hormonal ability for phototropism. That would be what is responsible for plants leaning toward a light source, such as on a counter top leaning toward the window. So they are hormonally aware of sunlight, and will cease to exist if they don't elongate their cells to move toward the light, so like any aware creature, they move toward the light. If they had no awareness, this would not happen. Maybe it's in a different form than our awareness, but that does not mean its not awareness.
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  • Michael A Buck I'd also like to point out that it is not evil to raise an animal humanely, are for it, and have respect for the animal that is now nourishing you. If you want to be a vegetarian, that's fine, but eat only locally grown organic vegetables, so as to be protecting the environment, and quit eating "fake" meat products... That is a load of shit. And one more thing, if you know anyone that feeds their dog or cat a vegetarian diet, please fucking smack them for me! While the argument that humans are supposed to be vegetarians is proven pretty retarded by something as small as our dental evolution.... There is no argument that cats are strictly carnivorous, and dogs are mainly carnivorous, but can vary slightly more than cats.
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  • Michael A Buck Damnit why'd you tag me! I can't stop... Are Venus fly traps not aware? Oh damn, they're carnivorous to. Kill all the Venus fly traps for not being evolved enough to live solely of the sun, water and soil!!!! They are evil!
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  • Michael A Buck Why does no one debate me! I am bored!

    I like it!

    nick's bday weekend

    Pate and oysters at Jackie's sidebar. I'm no pate expert, but oh my god it was good. I ate it like a sandwich. That's just how I roll.

    I'm dying to go back to Jackie's. Nick's bday was awesome, and I had a duck fat drink! On Saturday we went to Franklin's and got bloody Mary's.

    I got turkey over mashed potatoes.

    And on Sunday I went to linner with the girls. Got muscles.

    A few days ago Scott and I went to Sticky Rice. I  got the coconut shrimp, but subbed noodles for more veggies.

    The bowl is gigantic, so I had some awesome leftovers for work.

    Tonight I'm making lamb a la The Clothes Make The Girl. I am so stoked! I never cook with lamb and I absolutely love it. Hopefully I don't mess it up.