Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend recap/gay pride

The gay pride parade was this weekend! I actually completely missed the parade :( For some reason I thought driving to Dupont Circle was a good idea. Turns out I drove around for an hour looking for parking, and I was already late for the parade. So I met up with these dudes and hung out/drank brews on the stoop in front of Hayter's house.

+ Hayter. Clearly they enjoyed they parade. Actually when I first met up with them they were hangin' out with this dude:

Although at that point he was actually in an upright position. This was taken when we walked by a couple hours later. His name was Shawn, and he enjoyed the parade a little too much.

We got some Italian food that I forgot to take a picture of, but I did take a blurry, dark picture of Timmy and I:

The rest of the night was pretty nuts. Went to Trio for brunch the next morning, and I rolled with my usual: eggs benedict (with smoked salmon)

Prettyyy awesome. Then discovered this on my car:

Prettyyy not awesome. And then, since I had no desire to cook that day,


I actually have the Chipotle for lunch today. And I technically ate it for breakfast also. I got double meat, so this baby was gigantic.

I'm hoping this week is a breeze because I'm so stoked to go to a fundraiser for my farmer at West End Cinema. If you're interested in going, you can get info here.

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