Wednesday, February 29, 2012

food journal

A random food journal from a couple of months ago.
Tuesday 12/27
Breakfast- two hard boiled eggs with organic mustard, detox tea and green tea with ginger
Snack- hard boiled egg with mustard
Lunch- leftover steak salad (grass-fed steak, lettuce, maters, blue cheese, onions, balsamic)
Dinner- Meatza and an egg and tomato atop almond flour biscuit, covered in hollandaise

Wednesday 12/28
Breakfast- two poaches eggs with smoked salmon served atop almond flour biscuit

Lunch- meatza and carrots in hollandaise

Dinner- several pieces of sole with onions, peppers, tomatoes and garlic sauteed in coconut oil and GF soy sauce and an avocado

Plus one Bob's Red Mill GF cookie that I made with coconut oil. (I do not like eating these and rarely do, but Scott likes them and he's going to eat cookies either way so I figure at least if I make them it's the lesser of two evils.)

Thursday 12/29
Breakfast: detox and green tea with ginger, two hard boiled eggs
Lunch: one piece of meatza
Snack: hard boiled egg
Dinner: half of a gluten-free pizza with mushrooms and onions at Comet, one green salad split with Scott, one chicken wing (grilled, not breaded) and two glasses of red and one Bard (gluten-free beer).

Friday 12/30
Breakfast: two eggs with onions, all sauteed in coconut oil. Plus two different kinds of organic throat coat tea (stolen from Scott, I left my teas at home).
Lunch: the other half of the gluten-free pizza

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

you totally have time

Last night was the last time Mike and I will ever pick up our farm food from Dan. I will devote an entire post to this, but in short, he lost his case against the FDA and was forced to shut down his farm. Despite absolutely no history of contamination. Ever. Mike gave me one of the filet mignon steaks from the ten pounds he ordered. I cooked it barely at all, and had some butter with it. Still cold in the center. BOMB.

This morning I woke up at 6:45 and was in the kitchen at 6:50. I spent ten minutes boiling water for tea, then put eggs in water to boil, then seared these chickens in butter and coconut oil, before throwing them in the oven on 400.  By 7:03 I was upstairs again getting ready for work.

At 7:20 I was finished getting ready, and prepped the rest of my food. I had some cauli sauteed in butter leftover from my steak dinner last night. And some grape tomatoes that I added an avocado and gouda cheese to. Gouda cheese is vitamin K, baby! So, the point is, this was very little effort. I had breakfast, lunch for today and lunch for tomorrow all done before heading out the door at 7:40. It ain't that hard. Just a little extra effort with a lot of payoff.

Monday, February 27, 2012

update update update

I haven't felt like posting for the past couple of months. I guess I've been busy, and it sort of lost its luster. I go in and out of feeling like this. But now I feel like posting again, and I'm stoked. Here's some food:

Food from Slaviya in Adams Morgan. Seriously amazing. Some of the best food I've eaten in a while. Simple, Eastern and dank.

They even had veg stuff for Scott.

Homemade almond bread with eggs and smoked salmon.

Fish and veggies from Bangkok Joe's.

Salmon, avocado, and mashed cauli and carrot (to the style of mashed potatoes).

Scott and I in Panama! Should write a separate post about this...

Homemade chicken bone broth. LIQUID GOLD, BABY!

A super rare steak, taters and this really awesome mushroom.

Scott and I went to LA! And Long Beach, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu and Manhattan Beach. This is the latter.

We ate delicious Mexican. These are corn tortillas, not wheat.

We went to True Food Kitchen, whose menu is based off of Andrew Weil's anti-inflammatory diet. Which is actually really, really stupid (even though I liked some of the options on the menu). The diet is actually pro-inflammatory, with the base of the diet recommending 3-5 servings of grains a day, pasta 2-3 times a week and beans and legumes 1-2 times a day. He also advocates 2-3 of soy A DAY. And fish only 2-6 times a week. The diet also promotes canola oil. So in short, it's a completely ridiculous diet. Scott got gluten-free pasta, above. I got gluten-free fish tacos, below.

The portions were really small, especially for the price. Another reason this diet wouldn't work for anyone, super small portions that don't fill you up often leaving you craving food later, and chances are you'll reach for junk. If only because it's more convenient and you already shelled out $20 for appetizer portions.

We drove up a mountain in Beverly Hills. My crappy camera phone does no justice. We left the digi cam at home.

View of Santa Monica from the ferris wheel! One of my favorite parts!

View of the ferris wheel from the pier!

Some oysters I got in Newport on our last night.

And saw raw, dehydrated beet chips I made with the dehydrator Scott got me for my birthday!

So, that's just an update. Hopefully I'll get back into writing more posts. We'll see.