Monday, June 6, 2011

weekend recap

Let me just tell you, I was a carbie barbie this weekend. When I got home on Friday, I just wanted to stuff my face with pasta. I got my stitches out earlier that day, and figured it'd be nice to relax and nosh out on some carbs.

-fettuccine noods
-pecorino romano

On Saturday I hung out with Caedus for a bit, and found this:

I don't normally like hoppy beers, but this was good. I'll definitely be buying it again.

On Saturday evening we headed off to FedEx Field for the concert! Kenny Chesney and Zack Brown Band were AMAZING.

That happened.

We had club level seats and we danced and sang our faces off.

And since I LOVE old people, we made friends this this guy:

I have such a soft spot in my heart for the elderly. I think society sometimes forgets/neglects the elderly and it breaks my heart. I want to befriend all of them...and get them on a damn meal plan that would make their aging years a lot better.

On Sunday we went to McGinty's for brunch. I rolled with the usual.

I then spent the rest of the day relaxing in bed watching Jersey Shore. Sometimes I feel really guilty just laying around in bed, but I reminded myself that I don't need to be doing something at all times. It's nice to just give myself a break and stay horizontal for a while. That evening I headed to Yes! Organic Market to grocery shop, which is seriously a hobby.
-lima beans
-organic white wine
-brown rice fettuccine
-turkey slices
-green pepper (the only type of organic pepper I could come by)
-chopped clams
-dijon mustard

After that I met up with my buddy Dale at Franklin's for a drink. We hung out for a bit and were joined by Jennifer and Joel who were getting dinner. I snacked on some mushroom papusas

And Jennifer had some pizza

And brussel sprouts that were apparently "subpar." I've never had brussel sprouts, but I'm going to make a note to buy some.

Now we've all just got to tackle this work week. I'm sleepy because I woke up at 4 am and had trouble getting back to sleep so hopefully this day won't be too long. Have a happy Mondayyyyyy.

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