Hi! I'm Dani and I’m 24-years-old and on my way to obtaining a degree in Clinical Nutrition. I’m so excited and hope to function as a holistic health coach upon completion. I currently work in downtown DC, and have lived in the suburbs of DC my entire life. I didn’t always have a strong interest in nutrition. At 16 I decided to become a vegetarian. Not for health purposes, but for animal rights. I was vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian on and off until I was about 21. My research on the actual health of this lifestyle consisted of googling "why meat is bad for you." And so with limited and narrow research, I found articles on why meat was so horrible. So I stuck to the "healthy" things: veggie burgers, soy milk, and fake chicken strips. I was not healthy, and I suffered from eating fake, processed foods. This changed after watching Food, Inc. and I quickly began reading anything and everything about how what we eat affects our bodies and the environment. I firmly believe that what we eat determines the basis of our health, and can prevent and cure disease.

With so many blogs and nutritional information I read, I can’t help but get frustrated with the plethora of misinformation. This is why I’ve chosen a clinical/holistic nutrition route, I feel that it’s more effective and the course work is more up-to-date. So many nutritionists and dietitians are still being taught the low-fat, soy-laden, canola-oil-promoting diet and it drives me nuts. What it comes down to is that this information is wrong. Low-fat food is terrible for you, soy is heavily processed and usually genetically modified, and disrupts your bodies’ assimilation processes and canola oil is completely toxic and linked to heart disease. With my blog I hope to correct some of this information and spread the word on real food. I strongly believe in eating organic, local and grass-fed, that it’s best for our bodies and our planet.
Through my own trial and error, I've discovered that the best lifestyle for me (and I think for everyone) is a paleolithic/primal diet, based off of our ancestors. Which now seems like common sense to me. This is what allowed us to thrive, to evolve, to live largely disease-free. A return to this way of eating will once again allow us to be disease-free. Since eating this way, I've become so much happier. A lot of people are unaware that their moods are directly linked to and affected by what they eat. I feel awesome. I'm low-stress despite a stressful life, I'm in love, I'm thankful for everything.  Furthermore, I truly believe that my diet is kinder than that of most vegetarians. I buy local and grass-fed exclusively. I have a profound connection with my food and therefore nature.
It's important to note that being primal isn't just about eating. It is not a diet. It is a lifestyle. Being primal is being happy, it's taking care of yourself, it's about having a connection with your food, it's about lowering your stress, it's about relaxing, it's about playing, it's about enjoying life and having fun.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me at danijadestout@gmail!

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