Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

unrepentent documentary

I don't really have a food related post for you today. Last night was spent running around and replacing my cracked iPhone. As a side note, Apple is awesome. When I had originally called when we were already on our way there, I was told I'd need an appointment to replace the screen and it would cost $200. I was bummed. But when we got there, they fit me in and told me they wouldn't charge me for it! Apple has the best customer service in the world. After that we ran around some more and by the time we got back to Hyattsville no cooking was going to go down. So I just hit up Elevation Burger.

Today I came across a documentary, Unrepentent: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide. I had no idea that genocide has occurred in Canada, and in the sixties at that! I've been watching it in my down time at work. It truly is awful what happened to these people, and we're all so oblivious to it because it had been covered up the Canadian government and the Catholic church. If you'd like to watch it or read up on it, click this link. 

For lunch I went to Teaism.

Recycled picture. I no longer get the brown rice, I get the broccoli.

And just for good measure, and because I really have nothing else to say, here are some cute pictures of Caedus.


So sassy.

Anyway, Buckfest is tomorrow! I'll make sure to take pictures of all the amazing food. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Renee's tomato soup

Last night I got to nosh out on some delicious tomato soup courtesy of Renee. Seriously so good. I had it with a grilled cheese that I made using organic soaked spelt bread, raw cheese, tomato and lettuce.

Renee couldn't remember the recipe exactly, but it was a mix of tomatoes from her CSA box, basil, onions, chicken stock (homemade!) and half and half.

Really awesome with a grilled cheese. I am sad I do not have more. I'm definitely craving it. Maybe I'll try to make my own tomato soup this weekend.

I also got to spend some time with this cutie face:

Blurry picture. I couldn't get him to stay still. He is getting so big! I can barely walk him, he is so strong. He is going to be a giant. But he'll still be my baby! And then later last night I was introduced to The Benson Interruption. Super funny.

Anyway, I'm so thankful it's Thursday and that we only have one more workday before Buckfest! Buckfest is Mike's dad's birthday/a crab feast/awesome. Their family gets together, a ton of our friends come and there is a slip and slide! Not to mention all of the awesome food (including really amazing Filipino food courtesy of Mike's stepmom). We all look forward to it every year, and there will be a band this year. I am so stoked. Have a happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yesterday I got off work early to go to one of everyones' favorite places: the MVA. It wasn't too terrible, I was thankful to get off work early. I'll share my new license picture with you because it's too hilarious not to.

Who is a total fat face?! THIS GIRL!! Also, if you are not an organ donor, you might be an asshole.

I came home and made burgers. They are just so easy and delicious! I added a pound of ground beef with organs to an egg, worcestirshire and salt and pepper. I just tossed 'em in the over under the broiler. While they were cookin' I steamed the following:


Once cooked through I let it cool a bit before adding a shit ton of butter and a little bit of milk.

I topped the burgers with raw cheese, and cut up half of a tomato (topped with basil, olive oil and s&p) to serve on the side.

Prettyyy delicious, and so much of the food came from the farmers market, including the tomatoes, basil and broccoli. The eggs, cheese, milk, butter and meat came from Rainbow Valley farm. Local eating!!

I spent the rest of the night trying to read an enzyme nutrition book for school, but gave up in favor of this book I borrowed from Mike:

Joel Salatin is my hero. I mean literally, if someone asked me who my hero is, I'd say Joel. He is so passionate and an all around amazing person. I'm not too far into the book yet but I already feel so inspired. I feel like I'm beginning the journey and the process toward my dream of owning my own farm. I know it will be extremely hard work, and I will have to read and gain a lot more experience, but I am so excited to do that.

Renee made a bunch of tomato soup and I am SO stoked to have it for dinner tonight. I might do up the whole tomato soup with grilled cheese...Have an amazing day!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

childhood obesity

Last night I didn't cook, just hit up Chipotle.

Today I came across this article that discusses whether or not extremely obese children should be taken from their parents and put in foster care. While I don't agree or disagree right now, I do absolutely think that is a parents' duty to ensure their child is eating well. I think most parents who do not feed their children well are just ignorant...but is that an excuse? I mean, parents research neighborhoods to make sure their children grow up in a safe environment, they research schools to make sure they receive a good education, they research babysitters so they know they aren't leaving their children with some whack job...but a lot of time parents do not research how and what to feed their children. It is a basic right, and it is often overlooked. All children should have the right to health and an obesity-free future. I think the research should begin even before conception. If you are going to have a baby, you should make sure you have the healthiest gestation as possible. There are too many things that can happen to the baby (specifically immune deficiencies/autism). I realize this is often not the case, accidents happen! But when they do, it is important to begin research and make sure the baby is receiving everything it needs.

Unfortunately, the USDA guidelines are ridiculous and there is a ton of misinformation. But there are basics we all know are not healthy for anyone, much less children! Children should not drink soda. Children should not eat too much candy, cookies, cakes or ice cream. Well, children really shouldn't be eating sugar in general (which I assume most parents know, what's up, sugar high?!). Children should not eat processed, refined foods. Children should not be fed McDonald's because a person is too lazy/busy/tired to make dinner (at least go to Chipotle). Children should receive adequate amounts of fat (this goes for everyone, but specifically pregnant women and young children). The fat aids all cells, and is especially important for proper brain development. Don't forget, our brains are about 60% fat. Same goes for protein. Children should eat lots of veggies! And yeah, I've heard the whole my-kid-won't-eat-vegetables. Time and time again I've heard from parents who don't give their children junk food, that the kids eat whatever they make them and ENJOY it! Believe it or not, children who are not exposed to junk food actually prefer healthier choices. And here's the thing: children will not starve themselves. I actually saw an Episode of John and Kate Plus 8 in which someone asked Kate how she got her kids to eat the healthy food she served them, because they couldn't get their kids to eat healthy. She basically said kids get hungry, they aren't going to starve themselves, they will eat what is put in front of them. If they don't, they can go to bed hungry. She got her kids to eat well, and she has eight of them!

I do not have children. But if and when I decide to, I know that if it is a) planned, I will do my best to prepare for the gestation period or b) a mistake, I will immediately prepare my body for pregnancy. If you are unhealthy, if you are not willing to give your child the basic right to health, then don't have a child. In the article they discuss a 3 year-old girl that was 90 pounds. By age 12, she was 400. Her parents "had physical disabilities, little money and difficulty controlling her weight." Then they should have been responsible enough not to have the child, or to at least adopt. That is absolutely child abuse. I think that as a population (and I'm talking globally) we've started to treat having children as just another occurrence, like buying a car or taking a trip. We've become too nonchalant about parenting. These are lives. Having a child is no small endeavor. If you are going to procreate, at least do a good job. At least take care of yourself and your baby to ensure they have every opportunity and a basic right to their own health.

Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend recap

This weekend was ridiculous. More ridiculous than usual. And included the cracking of my iPhone. :(
But it started out well with happy hour at Acadiana. I got the oysters

And some fried green tomatoes topped with shrimp.

Good, but the tomato slices were way too thin. Like, paper thin. Kinda lame.

And since I couldn't get one of these (I forgot I lost my wallet, including ID):

I ordered even more food. Grilled shrimp skewers.

After dinner I headed home, and soon ended up at Franklin's with Mike, Nick and Tasha. Mike and I had some drinks while Tasha and Nick had dinner. It was fun, and afterward I headed to Stetson's on U st. for my buddy Ken's birthday.

On Saturday I made this:

Looks weird, I know. Spare ribs, can of tomatoes, carrots, onions, basil and mushrooms. Simmered for several hours.

And got one of these:

And then hung out with Mike and Nick for a bit before we headed out to McGinty's for Jennifer's birthday. Long story short, it was a shitshow. Happy birthday to one of my oldest and best friends!! And now I am tackling Monday. Hopefully the workday goes by quickly. Have a great workweek!

Friday, July 15, 2011

chicken, dos ways!

I like variety. In life, and in my food. I get bored pretty easily. I had a whole package of chicken the other night and thought it'd be a good idea to cook it two different ways and eat that throughout the week. Thus, tomato basil chicken, and creamy mushroom chicken.

Tomato Basil Chicken:
-ripe tomatoes
-fresh basil
-shit ton of garlic
-refined coconut oil (flavorless! chyeahhh)
-butter at the end

Creamy Mushroom chicken:
-mushrooms (really?)
-coconut oil
-even more garlic
-butter at the end

Just throw it together and sautee. For dinner I had one of each, and an artichoke with melted butter.

Variety is the spice of life, or something.

I liked the mushroom one more.

On another note, I was riding the metro this morning, like all mornings, when I saw this gem of a tattoo. I think it may inspire my next one. In case you can't tell, that is a tongue, accompanied by "Oh La La."

At lunch I peeped this dude.

This was attached to my tea this morning.
"We are here to love each other, serve each other and uplift each other."

Tonight I'm  hitting up Acadiana with some friends I've had since elementary school, Kelsey and Gordo (I refuse to call him Andrew). They dated for a week in 7th grade. It was serious. Tomorrow I'm going to Artscape with Sara and then to Jennifer's birthday at McGinty's. McGinty's is an awesome Irish pub that I frequented (read: drank a lot at) when I lived in downtown Silver Spring. I am STOKED. Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Last night Renee and I went to Franklins. It was a long, hot day. It took me an hour to go five stops on the metro. AN HOUR. That's okay though, at least it was pretty out. So after work we decided to just grab dinner. Started out with some of these:

And even though I was seriously craving pizza, I went with the tuna salad, which is really just as good and way better for me.

Not as rare as I had hoped. After dinner we noticed that the lady next to us had left her takeout box full of the exact pizza I wanted. I figured, it's not like her mouth came in contact with it, it's pizza! So I took it. Yeah, I have no shame. Of course, a guy at another table noticed me do this and laughed hysterically. Whateva, free pizza is free pizza and now there's less waste! They would've just thrown it out, I'm doing the earth a service.

We went back to the Mike, Nick and Dale's house and hung out for a bit. I ended up watching a Frontline documentary about the Norfolk Four called The Confessions. It was really good, and I'd definitely suggest watching it. Essentially, four men were forced through mental torture to confess to crimes they did not commit. Despite the fact that the evidence did not match up, there was an overall lack of evidence, and the man who committed the crime actually admitted to it, admitted he acted alone and his DNA matched the scene of the crime (the other's DNA did not) the men still did jail time, around ten years each. I think it's a testament to our corrupt and flawed judicial system. It's absolutely terrible and something really needs to be done about it. I guess that is today's rant.

Breakfast of champions:

+ two glasses of raw milk. NO shame! It was delicious.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

clams in tomato basil broth

When I went to the Dupont farmers market on Sunday I also scored some clams. One of the vendors had a bunch of amazing seafood, including crabs! I really wanted to buy some, especially since they had large ziploc bags full of just crab claws...but it was a little out of my price range. So I went with the $6 bag of clams. At the Silver Spring farmers market on Saturday I got some tomatoes from Orchard Farms. Every summer, they have the most amazing tomatoes. Like absolutely mind blowing. I never knew a tomato could taste so good until I had theirs. They're sweet and ripe, but firm and have more flavor than any tomato I've ever had. So. For the clams I combined:

-1 decently sized tomato
- fresh basil (also from market)
-as much garlic as you like, naturally I used a ton
-red pepper flakes
-a little filtered water, and s&p

I let this cook down a little before adding the clams and covering the pot for about two minutes.

For the side I had a sort of caprese salad. I used:

-cherry tomatoes from the market
-raw cheese
-organic garlic olive oil from Trader J's

Yeah, I used a glass because all of my bowls were dirty. I also toasted up some soaked bread and added lots of butter to it, so I could soak up the sauce from the clams.

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of myself for this dinner. The sauce I cooked the clams in was so good, and super simple. Simple food really is the best food.

Now, on my agenda is figure out what to do with some sardines I bought. I've never used sardines in my life. Here goes.

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday.

Monday, July 11, 2011

best breakfast ever

I'm so happy I made it to the gym before work this morning. I know it's not a huge accomplishment but I'm still proud of myself. I definitely feel like going to the gym at 5:30 sets me up for a better, more productive day. I did a lower body workout and ended with some ab work. I wasn't dying, it wasn't my hardest workout, but I'm glad I at least did something. When I got home, I went through my normal routine of a raw protein shake, got ready and then made breakfast. Probably the best breakfast ever, because it is partly the best side dish ever. I sauteed onions, mushrooms, spinach and bacon in some butter. I was going to scramble in some eggs, but instead I just cracked two eggs over top, turned the heat down and covered until the eggs were cooked through.

I love the yolks of eggs, they're really the best part. They also contain a ton of nutrients. Eff eating only the egg whites, it's gross anyway.

Sooooo good.

This post is part of Monday Mania.

weekend recap

Friday lunch at Teaism: tuna salad. Not as awesome as I was hoping.

Late night Friday: a veggie crepe. So not good.

Saturday, gorgeous veggies at the farmers market.

New love: quinoa with garlic, shrimp, calamari, shrimp, butter, almonds and cranberries.

Saturday night: spotted a woman wearing a Christmas tree outfit on the metro. Was instantly jealous.

Saturday night dinner: penne primavera from Trio in Dupont.

Sunday morning mushroom empanada from the farmers market in Dupont. I was all over farmers markets this weekend.

Sunday brunch with Sara. We split the caprese appetizer.

And I got the mushroom, pepper and onion frittata.

Sunday night dinner: more quinoa and baby artichokes with hollandaise.

A very successful weekend. Here's to an awesome workweek and hoping that Monday goes by quickly. I want to be outside! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

best side dish ever

Last night's dinner was half and half. Half my food, half food I bought out. I got a burger wrapped in lettuce with tomato, onion and pickles. I support Elevation Burger so I don't feel bad spending $6.50 there. Though I seriously need to stop eating out. I'm going to eat out for lunch today also, but I'm going to Teaism, so it won't be too bad. This morning I could've made my own breakfast, I was just too lazy. I had a bunch of tea with a ton of coconut oil, and a bunch of raw yogurt and honey. Nothing to hold me over until lunch. I just ate some eggs from the cafeteria upstairs. Never. Again. I am starting to realize that when I eat out, things that are not whole foods are really affecting me. The other day I got an omelete from upstairs, liquid eggs cooked in industrial oil-I wanted to die. Today I got scrambled eggs (which probably came in the form of weird liquid or dried powdered eggs, aka oxidized cholesterol, aka the bad kind) and again, I feel terrible. I mean seriously, I am so nauseated and I have a headache. So! My plan is to get back on track. I will do what I used to do without fail: plan my week accordingly and get my grocery shopping done on either Saturday or Sunday. First, I'm going to the farmers market in downtown Silver Spring, then I'm going to head to Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's is definitely not close to my house, but it is cheaper. And they have tons of organic products and produce at really reasonable prices. So whatever I can't get at the market, I'll get at Trader J's. I used this system when I actually lived in downtown Silver Spring (I miss it!) and it was awesome. There is no reason for me not to cook for myself. I make better food anyway. So, dinner. For dinner I had the burger with my new favorite side dish:
-pastured bacon from the farm

A ton of veggies.

Best. Dinner. Ever.

Burger with ketchup and mustard on the side, I use my own because it's organic.

I hope everyone's work days fly by and you all have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

teaism and vegan treats

So, I bought lunch out today. And it was awesome. I don't regret it one bit. What'd I get? The usual.

Sub rice for broccoli. Really delicious broc, by the way. I have no idea what they put on it, but it ruled.

I actually had a bunch of brown rice at dinner last night, with garlic, mushrooms and asparagus. A friend and I went to Toscana Grill in Clarendon. It was super good. But the star of last night's dinner was the vegan cake. Of course, I forgot to take pictures. But anyway, we split a chocolate layer cake and it was amazing. I want to cry thinking about it. I don't even like sweets all that much, and I want more of that damn cake. With raw milk. I don't even want to know what's in it. I seriously just googled all over the place so I could find out which bakery in Pennsylvania makes this face rocking cake. Turns out it's a place called Vegan Treats. I am on a mission for more.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

filet and the fourth

On Monday morning I woke up not particularly hungry. I'm a big fan of intuitive eating, and since I haven't worked out in a little bit, I wasn't going to force myself to eat. I did however drink a bunch of water, as I had some drinks the night before with Tasha, Nick and Dale. I wasn't hungover or anything, but I'm into staying hydrated. It was a really nice morning, I studied and got a lot of school work done. Around 12 the hunger hit. I remembered that Mike graciously gave me some filet mignon from the farm, so I figured July 4th lunch would be a good time to make it.

I sauteed a really decently sized filet in butter. I only seared it on each side for about a minute or two. Not only do I think rare steak tastes way better than an overly cooked steak, it's also better for you. I'm actually trying to eat more of my meat raw. Yeah, I said it. It probably seems weird, but I assure you it's not. It's easier to digest, more enzymes are intact and people have been eatin' raw meat for ages. As long as it's properly sourced (ie: grass-fed) I'm not worried. Anyway, so I sauteed that baby in butter. I took it out of the pan, added some more butter, mushrooms and a ton of garlic. I sauteed it down and added a little milk. I topped the steak with this.

Super rare. It was so, so good. I spent the rest of the day studying and doing more stuff for school. Which was actually really enjoyable, even though I don't particularly enjoy learning about different enzymatic functions. At around 4 I headed out since I had to work a 4th of July event. We opened up our roof to employees and their families/friends, and since my office deals with events management, I got to work the event! It wasn't so bad, the view was nice.

Diggin' this lady's shirt.

So I hope everyone that celebrates the fourth had an awesome holiday!