Monday, June 6, 2011

"healthy" eating

I forgot to mention in my last post, that my overwhelming grain consumption from this weekend has caused me to break out! I've always had skin issues, but my skin really improved when I gave up grains. This week I'm definitely going to get to my normal routine of eating, because I feel so much better when I eat things that are good for me, and avoid things that aren't. This ties into something I want to discuss today: individualized healthy eating. While I don't think eating a certain way is a one size fits all deal, I also don't think that there are certain ways of eating that are actually healthy for anyone. It's mind boggling to me that when people decide to make the change to eating healthy, they often start by a) giving up meat, b) going low fat, or c) eating "diet products." In reality people should a) switch to organic, clean meats, b) stay far away from anything low fat, and c) realize that "diet" items are processed crap, and make the switch to whole, nourishing foods. The less ingredients, the better.

Healthy eating is so simple, we don't need to complicate it. For example, for dinner tonight I'm planning on having herbed chicken, carrots cooked in raw butter from grass-fed cows, and maybe some asparagus or mushrooms cooked in butter also. Just three main staples, my protein, veggies and fat are covered. For breakfast today I had raw milk and coconut oil, and hard boiled eggs. For a snack I had raw carrots. For lunch I have a tomato, olive oil and raw cheese salad, sliced turkey and an avocado. Whole foods. What about fruit? Fruit isn't necessary. Especially if you're trying to lose weight. Not all fruits are created equal, berries are probably the best you can eat. But fruits are high carb, and also high sugar which can be a problem if you have yeast issues in your gut. I am by no means saying fruit is bad for you. I am saying it isn't necessary, should be limited if you're ridding yourself of candida or trying to lose weight. If you are trying to lose weight, read this post from Mark's Daily Apple to determine your daily carb intake to accelerate weight loss. (Actually, you should probably just read his entire site/buy his book because he's so informative and can really help you achieve fitness and/or weight loss goals.)  Another thing people do not realize about fruit is that it is meant to be eaten alone. Fruit digests differently, and therefore if eaten with other foods, it will ferment in the stomach. This causes gas, bloating and the fermented fruit will cause harmful toxins.

I think that people approach healthy eating as complicated, foreign world they have to navigate. In reality, there are three basics I like to stick with for every meal: protein, veggies, fat. This is what each of your meals should consist of. You will be healthier, stronger, happier and have more energy. Another question, that seems so basic, that I think people should ask themselves is, "Did my ancestors eat this way?" I think it's important to look at how our ancestors ate because our bodies have not evolved to eat in this radically new way that so many of us are. Our bodies are not meant to eat sugar, did our ancestors consume HFCS? Did they eat refined grains, breads, pastas and cereals? Were they down with low fat food, and soy? No way, bros. That shit was definitely not happening. They didn't search for diet products laden with soy and 50 ingredients (ever wondered why soy is in so much junk food? maybe because it's not actually a health food). I'm just saying to read your ingredients, and eat simply as much as possible. And be thankful for your food. I try to remember to be appreciative that I have this amazing, nourishing food. By no means do I eat perfectly, but I'm getting better. I'm so, so thankful that I have the ability to buy and prepare this food, not everyone is as lucky. And I'm happy to give my money to small, organic farms. Eating this way has really changed my life and I'm so much happier, hopefully I can spread some of that!

This post if part of Monday Mania!

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