Tuesday, June 14, 2011

gym/tomato basil chicken/best side dish ever

First things first, I joined a gym! I really, really wanted to do crossfit, but considering it was around $160-$200 a month (!), it was just too expensive. So I joined Fitness Evolution (same gym my buddy Nick goes to) for $10 a month...which is a whole hell of a lot better than $200 a month. And my friend Tasha, who dates Nick and is a personal trainer said she can do crossfit workouts with me!! Winning!

Dinner last night was tomato-basil chicken. To a plastic bag I added:
-chicken chopped into pieces
-olive oil

Let that joint marinate for a while.

Then cook it in butter.

I served it with a side dish that was completely random, mostly because I'm running low on groceries and don't feel like buying more, and would honestly rather buy clothes/go out with my friends. I mean, I have enough to last me, I just have to get creative. So I chopped up some carrots, sliced up an onion, and threw the both in a pan with a bit of chicken stock and a lot of butter.

The butta makes it glisten.

It was so, so good. Sweet from the carrots, creamy from the butter and onions make everything taste better.

A well rounded, grain-free dinner. Tonight I'm probably going to try my hand at chicken lettuce wraps. We'll see how that goes.

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