Thursday, June 23, 2011

one pot chicken bake

One pot meals are some of my favorite. Mostly because they're super easy and not time consuming. For dinner last night I (actually Kait did this step) seared some chicken in butter

Put it to the side to rest. Then to the same pan, add whichever veggies you like. I used cauliflower, onion and mushrooms.

And of course added even more butter. I put some grass-fed cream in and added the chicken back into the pot

And cooked on 400 until it was cooked through, about 30 minutes.

It was such a satisfying dinner and the sauce from the butter and cream was so delicious.

So, I've found my future home. It is literally my dream property. It's in Brazil. It is a farm on 47 hectares, which is roughly around 116 acres. The house is small but gorgeous, two bedrooms and verandas with hammocks surrounding the house. There is even a pool. 1/3 of the property is protected by the Brazilian government and cannot be cultivated for agriculture or property development (which still leaves a lot of acres to farm). It even comes equipped with cattle sheds and a chicken run. It also has tons of tropical fruit trees, including avocados! And there is a weekly cattle sale in town, which is about a ten minute drive away. The beach is also nearby (including a nude beach!). I've always known I should live near a beach, and there's even supposed to be good waves. Not that I can surf, like, at all. The area is gorgeous, the town is supposed to be full of old architecture and amazing food. The property is not very expensive either! It's for sale by owner so I sent him an email and am waiting to hear back on some details. While I'm not financially in a position to buy a house right now, I will start saving. Hell, I'll even sell my car for this (not that it's worth much).  I'm in love.

My future back porch.

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