Wednesday, June 8, 2011

clam stuffed mushrooms

So. I'm reading this book (among 12 others I can't seem to finish, particularly for school) called The Vegetarian Myth. I think I actually heard about it when I was a vegetarian and thought, "Ugh, I'm not reading that." I probably thought it would be some anti-vegetarian propaganda or an all out attack on vegetarians. I won't discuss the book until I'm actually finished reading it, but suffice it to say it is a very well written, researched and thought provoking book thus far. I truly encourage everyone to read it, especially vegetarians.

Anyway, last night I made somethin' sort of fancy. Clam stuffed mushrooms! To make the stuffing I used:

-1 can chopped clams (the can was the same size as a tuna can)
-half an onion
-handful of fresh spinach
-two large cloves garlic
-chicken stock
I sauteed all of the ingredients, adding the spinach, clams and garlic at the end, as to not overcook. I put some of the stuffing on the bottom of the pan, and stuffed the mushrooms with the rest.

 I topped it with raw cheddar and pecorino ramano and put it under the broiler.

I. Love. Cheese.


I served it with some broccoli and asparagus that I steamed in chicken stock.

After dinner I hung out on my roof with Kait while enjoying an orange blossom cream ale (new to me too). It was the perfect summer night, it was warm with a nice breeze and so calm. I really wish I lived someplace near the ocean that was summer year round. One day...

Some badly shot views from our roof. Either today or tomorrow I will be getting the iPhone 4, which has a WAY better camera. I know a lot of bloggers have super expensive cameras and take amazing shots of their food, which I think is great. But realistically, I can't afford a $500 camera and I think the importance of my blog relies much more on the health aspect of my food, not how good it looks. Hopefully you all agree.

This post is a part of Real Food Wednesday!

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