Monday, June 20, 2011

weekend recap

Mostly pictures.

Elevation Burger, fancy fries!!

What I wore to the fundraiser. My legs are NOT this skinny or short, this is an optical illusion, and not a good one.

These two dudes were dressed identically at Madams Organ, so I made them pose together. What else was I supposed to do.

JUMBO SLICE. Which I got while walking back to Hayter's house in the middle of the night. It was delicious, but I couldn't finish it. I tried to offer it to people but they declined, until I finally tossed it and heard, "Why'd you throw that away?! I could've eaten it!" Ya snooze ya lose.

On Sunday I decided I wanted Italian and that we should make an Italian feast. Started out with bruschetta. Sliced a local baguette, topped with butter and put 'em in the oven on 400

Topped with:
-local, organic, AMAZING tomatoes from the farmers market
-raw garlic
-olive oil

You see how red those babies are? Delicious.

We had some rice pasta with a cream based tomato sauce courtesy of Kait. And I made chicken rubbed with rosemary and s&p. I put a little chicken stock in the pan so they chicken wouldn't dry out, covered it and put in the oven at 400.

Love pecorino romano.

Awesome dinner, awesome weekend. I hope everyone has an amazing week, and GO SEE FARMAGEDDON!

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