Thursday, June 2, 2011

russia house, night on the town

So. Last night I went to the Russia House with this girl:

(Taken at 7:30 this morning in front of the Peruvian Embassy).

And these dudes:

Started off with these bad boys:

Love, love love Zaibo. It was tasty, 9.5% and from either Georgia or Maldova, I can't remember. Pictures courtesy of Kait's phone, since I have no flash and it was super dark in there. Kait snapped this photo of me:

I look crazy.

Kait loved the beer she got also.

We split some appetizers, smoked salmon with onions and bread, and peirogis. We didn't get pictures, but I stole this from their website:

The food was delicious. We were going to have the lobster kulebiaka for dinner, but we opted out. I think that 9.5% beer got to me.

After dinner we headed over to Townhouse Tavern. We basically paid for nothing. The owner was there, so we played pool with him and hung out, and he gave us free drinks. I really like Townhouse Tavern, it's pretty dive bar-ish, which is rare considering it's in Dupont Circle.

Sorry for the lack of food in this post! I'm probably making burgers again for dinner tonight. It's summer!

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