Friday, April 8, 2011

Gluten Free Clams Linguine

Who doesn't love clams lunguine?! Weirdos. That's who. I love seafood. And I love pasta. Pairing them together is a no brainer. As I've said before, I don't eat a lot of pasta, as I am not fond of grains (okay I am fond of them, my digestive system and overall health isn't, neither is yours). But I had some clams and a little bit of rice pasta that were just calling to me the other night. This is a pretty snazzy dish, I'd serve it for special occasions.

-tinkyada brown rice pasta
-butter (duh)
-cheese of choice (usually parm)
Boil the pasta. Saute a ton of garlic and a decent amount of tomatoes in a lot of butter. Remember, do not feel guilt about this! Butter is good for you! It has a lot of vitamin A, which actually protects your heart. Add the clams, and their juice. You want all the juice to help form a sauce. You can add wine or lemon juice, but I found I was happy with the acidity from the tomaters. When the pasta is done cooking, grab it with tongs and add it to the pan with the goods. The bit of starchy water that the pasta is coated in will help thicken your sauce. Finally, top with cheese of your choice.

I bought the clams at Yes! Organic Market. Considering they were canned and not that expensive, they were really good and decently sized. Check out this whole clam:

 This was such a simple recipe. It was light, but delicious and rich enough from the butter. It absolutely rivaled the clams linguine I've had in restaurants.
I just wish I has parsley to add.

On another note, I'm so happy it's Friday! The stove is finally fixed, thankfully. I have made several one pot meals in the rice cooker. Have you ever tried to boil eggs in a rice cooker? Don't. But today for breakfast I had a large glass of raw milk, a tablespoon or so of coconut butter, and now I'm eating scrambled eggs and bacon (pastured, uncured). Since I was unaware that the stove was working last night I made a bunch of chili in the rice cooker, which I'll be enjoying for lunch also.

Have an amazing weekend!

PS- I'm so making my own mayo this weekend.

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