Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last Friday I completely forgot to bring lunch to work. That, or I just didn't have time in the morning to pack anything, or enough food, I can't really remember. Either way, I ended up having to buy lunch from work. I hate this option. The cafeteria in my building does have a salad bar, but I have no idea what's in the ingredients, and I'm completely oblivious to the quality of the ingredients. There are sandwich, sushi, fajita, pho, etc stations in the cafeteria also, but they are all loaded with refined grains. But every once in a while, the cafeteria will have my favorite-smoked salmon with organic greens. It's amazing. The salmon is also wild. It's served with dill, a lime wedge and this honey mustard dill type dressing. It's awesome. Since I'm unsure of the ingredients in the dressing, I just dip the salmon and greens so I'm not consuming as much. For some reason on Friday, I was also feeling super dehydrated, so I bought some coconut what. What's up electrolyyyytess!

Since this wasn't extremely filling, I'm glad I had the only snack bar I'll eat stashed in my desk. 

I bought this at Whole Foods, and while I was searching for it I saw a lady tossing tons of Luna, Clif and Think Thin bars in her cart. All I could think was: do you think is going to make you lose weight? Read the damn ingredients! Those are all refined carbs and sugar! I don't eat snack bars all that often, but when I do it's definitely Green Super Food.

Yesterday I still hadn't grocery shopped because I wasn't feeling too hot on Sunday. But I decided I didn't want to spend my money and buy food out. So I threw a lunch together with common ingredients in my fridge. Egg salad!
-3 hard boiled eggs
-diced onion
-diced celery

Super simple. Now I'm off to figure out what to pack for lunch tomorrow. Have a good night and I'll see ya tomorrow with an awesome salmon recipe.


  1. I like the way you write, liek we are just chatting! I'll look forward to you salmon recipe!