Monday, April 4, 2011

Breakfast For Dinner

I LOVE breakfast for dinner. My usual breakfast consists of either ginger/detox/green kombucha tea with a lot of coconut oil, yogurt or kefir (wonderful, amazing tasty probiotics) with raw honey and then at some point I'll down some eggs. Now, bacon is a huge staple for breakfast. I haven't eaten bacon in a very, very long time. I'm not really sure why. The organic, uncured bacon at the grocery store is super expensive, maybe that contributes. But I recently read up on how Okinawans are some of the healthiest and longest living people on earth. When I was a vegetarian, I heard this was because their diet was mostly comprised of fish and tofu. I recently decided to do some research into the validity of that rumor. Turns out, the actual staple of their diet couldn't be further from what I'd heard: pork. Okinwanas eat a diet rich in pork, pork fat, pork everything. They do not waste this animal. They fry their food in pork fat. If a person if having stomach issues, they will eat the pig's stomach, problems with the liver and they will eat the liver. Whatever ailment they are experiencing, they eat the corresponding part of the pig. My point is that the pig does not go to waste and organ meats are highly beneficial. These are some of the healthiest people on earth and they're eating an extremely high fat and high protein diet. I've been eating my ground beef with organ, and I will get more into that later.

Anyway, I finally bought some bacon from our farmer. A few weeks ago, Mike and Dale told me how amazing it was. So I decided to have breakfast for dinner. 3 dippy eggs, several pieces of bacon, sliced tomato and a piece of sprouted wheat with butter:
...with some organic pinot grigio. It was amazing.

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