Friday, April 29, 2011

Strippin' and Breakfast For Dinner

Yesterday after work I was in such a rush because I signed up for a pole dancing class! I bought a Groupon for five classes of Pole Pressure at Balance Gym, a gym in downtown DC. This was an instance that I would literally not be able to make dinner and make the 6:30 class, so I picked up Elevation Burger!

Two grass-fed patties, tomatoes, onions, pickles, cheese wrapped in lettuce.
See, there are good fast food options out there.

The class was pretty enjoyable. I like to try different ways to work out. I definitely got an upper body workout. Sure, it wasn't the equivalent to doing a serious lifting session, but it was fun and it was something new. I was also in the beginner class, I'm sure it's much harder in the upper level classes. It wasn't seedy or anything, the instructor was great and had a lot of energy. She also gave a lot of positive reinforcement which I really liked. Apparently I can do moves that girls in the upper level classes can't do. Haha.

Around 9 I was hungry again. Instead of making a gigantic dinner, I had an egg fried in butter with a little ketchup and my favorite new way to eat yogurt.

Raw yogurt, maple syrup (I use this sparingly, I intend to stick with raw honey) and cinnamon!

It's a gorgeous day and I'm going to Teaism for lunch! Gotta get those tuna tacos! 

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