Wednesday, April 27, 2011

dinner party

On Monday I was trying to brainstorm what to make for Jackie. I know she loves three things: ranch, BBQ sauce and ketchup. These are things I rarely, if ever eat. I'll eat ketchup sometimes, if it's organic. And luckily, on a whim I decided to buy barbecue sauce last weekend at the grocery store (organic and gluten free!). I figured I would make a barbecue meatloaf.
-2 lbs beef (I used half reg half organ)
-1 onion
-BBQ sauce of choice
-2 eggs

I mixed all this together, making sure not to use too much BBQ. Put it in the over at 400 for about an hour.
Definitely not the most appealing picture. Actually, I'm not going to lie, none of the pictures from last night are great.
As a side, I decided to make creamed spinach.
-large container of spinach
-cheese (I used pecorino and cheddar)

My favorite part of what I made, was stuffed mushrooms.
-the mushroom stems
-a piece of bacon
-herbs of choice
I chopped the stems of the shrooms and sauteed them with bacon and garlic. I diced a piece of cheddar, grated parmesan and mixed it all together. I topped the mushrooms with the mixture.
Cheesy, bacony, delicious.

For an appetizer I make white bean hummus dip.
-1 can white beans
-3 cloves garlic
-olive oil

Served with pita, Mary's Gone Crackers and carrots.
Topped with more olive oil, paprika and salt.

We spent the rest of the night drinking wine and watching Casper (what happened to you, Devon Sawa?!) and Teen Mom.

Sorry for the super shoddy pictures. But hopefully I gave you some good ideas. For more recipes head over to Real Food Wednesday.

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