Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lacto Fermented Salsa

Tonight, our friend Jackie is coming over for dinner/movies/vino. Since we have roommates that are pretty low-key, Kait and I haven't had a lot of house guests (though I'm hoping at some point I can throw a cookout with tons of friends and food). Jackie is amazingly talented. She sings and plays guitar and piano. I'm not saying I like her music just because she is my friend, I genuinely like her music. I wish she'd record so that I could listen to her on a regular basis. Here is a picture of her and Katie D (who hates veggies) that I'm posting without their consent, hope ya'll don't mind!

I have really, really attractive friends.

On the menu:
white bean dip with bread and veggies
stuffed mushrooms (these are more for me, Kait hates shrooms and I'm not sure if Jackie even likes 'em)
creamed spinach
BBQ meatloaf

I'll provide you with recipes tomorrow. I read that when having people over for dinner it's easiest to prep all you can the day before, so last night I made the BBQ meatloaf...and also had it for dinner along with some lima beans.

I guess I was on a cooking spree last night because I also decided to make lacto fermented salsa. I used this recipe. Sort of. Lacto fermented salsa is salsa that is fermented with whey. It is a great source of probiotics, the good bacteria that our guts need.
I used:
-5.5 medium sized tomatoes
-a lot of cilantro
-a medium sized onion
-2 gloves garlic
-1 T salt
-4 T whey

I chopped everything, and added about half to a food processor so it wouldn't be too chunky. When I taste tested it, it was really salty. I'm hoping that dissipates. I canned the salsa and they will sit out for about two to three days, and then I will transfer to the fridge. I'm going to give some away also.

Not sure why so dark.

I'm hoping the flavors really develop over the next couple days.

Tomorrow I'll post recipes and pictures of tonight's awesomeness.


  1. Dani...this post caught my eye as I have been fermenting now for over a year. Did you "can" the salsa? As in hot water bath canning? Or did you just put it in a canning jar? Fermented foods do not need to be canned...they just need to ferment on the counter. Salsa is done fermenting in just 3 days or so, whereas kimchi or sauerkraut can take a few weeks. Hope you don't mind the input....I just have a passion for ferments:)

  2. I hope I am on the list for getting some of that delish salsa missy!

  3. Shan you actually are on the list!

  4. mmmm. bacteria. fermenation. i love it. :) i make keifer...and we always make pickles during the summer. it just reminding me of that.
    nice menu!!! very REAL. yay for meat. :)