Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

Since I usually go out on Friday and Saturday nights, I was really stoked to stay in this Friday and hang out with this guy:

And instead of making dinner, I picked up some Chipotle.
Wondering why it's so orange-y? All the hot sauce I used.

On Saturday, Mike and I went to the Caps game! I was super stoked because I'd never been to a playoff game before.

Up by 1...

Up by 2...

And we beat them 3-1

Can you tell how high our seats were? It didn't matter though, the game was SO fun. My throat hurt from all the yelling. Verizon Center > Madison Square Garden.
 One thing that has always bummed me out about Verizon Center is the lack of recycling. After a couple beers, I turned to Mike and demanded to know who owned Verizon Center so I could write them a letter about recycling. I wasn't joking; I fully intend to do this.

After the game we were starving so we headed to this sushi joint nearby with a rotating sushi bar! I thought this was the coolest thing ever. I pretty much just started grabbing rolls that looked good. I have no idea what this was, but it was topped with crab meat so it was a-ok in my book.

Mike said there were these dumplings that we had to try, so we ended up getting two plates of them.

They were awesome. I think it was shrimp gyoza/shumai? Who knows. I can't believe I only got two pictures, considering we consumed about twenty different plates of sushi.

On Sunday I met up with my friend Casey at PF Changs for dinner. We started with crab rangoon
It was alright.

And also tuna tartar

Which was pretty good, but I thought I could've made it better. For my entree I got what I always get from Changs, orange peel shrimp.

It was a really fun weekend. Now, we've just gotta tackle this work week.

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