Monday, April 18, 2011

Love Summer Love Life

This weekend was super fun, it just went way too fast. I guess it technically got started on Thursday. Kait and I grabbed some Elevation Burger, wine, and sat on the roof right outside of my room.

Plus a salad. I get my burger wrapped in lettuce. As always, it was delicious.

 On Friday, I went to a hockey party (a bunch of my friends are on a hockey team) at Growlers. We watched the Caps beat the Rangers and I got an avocado salad with lots of veggies and grilled tortillas with a side of calamari. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture but the food was awesome. Especially the salad.
On Sunday morning, Kait I decided to try this Ethiopian coffeehouse/restaurant by our house. It had great reviews on Yelp so I figured we'd check it out, even though I've never had Ethiopian. I got this split peas/veggies/spices dish while Kait got a lamb stew. The food was really good, but Kait's definitely took the cake.

They were served with bread, topped with salad, spicy lentils, collards and cabbage.

In the afternoon I had a delicious Peuvian cookie. Seriously amazing:
Yes, I really do need to do my nails.

Then we hung out on the roof some more, reading and enjoying the sunshine with some beers.
"Love Summer, Love Life"
Of course I had some raw milk as a side. Had to get my daily fix.

For dinner we went to Franklin's Brewery, which is super close to my house. We started off with the mussels.

Kait got BBQ pulled pork.

And I got the papusas.

View of my street from where we were sitting, you can actually see my house.

It was a really nice weekend, though I definitely wish I would've cooked for myself a bit more. Have a great week!

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