Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mexican Meat and Veggies (...with organs)

My oven is currently broken. This is stressing me out. This morning I couldn't have my tea, or my eggs. I'm trying to supplement with other options, as I hate to buy food out because a) it's shitty and b) it's a waste of money. So this morning I had a giant glass of raw milk, a couple tablespoons of coconut oil and will be eating an Amazing Grass Energy Bar when I get really hungry. I might run upstairs to the cafeteria to buy some eggs so I can get a decent amount of protein for breakfast. At least I have several recipes from when I did not have internet to supply you with.

  As I mentioned in a previous post, organ meat is amazing for you. I'm not exactly sure which organs my farmer puts into the ground beef, and honestly, I'm not sure I want to know exactly. I know it's organ meat and that's good enough for me. Organ meats share some similar qualities: they're high in vitamins (particularly B vitamins, selenium, thiamine, folate, etc), contain CoQ10, vitamin A, and liver particularly is a great food source for copper. Also, it's important to note that I couldn't taste any organs in this ground beef. Neither could Kait, who I fed this recipe to without telling her what was in it.

Mexican Meat and Veggies:
-diced tomatoes
-ground beef with organs
-chili powder
-chipotle powder

Just throw everything together in a large pot and add some chicken stock if it's too dry. Top with guacamole. Deeelicious and nutritious. Don't be scared of organ meats.
So good! And grain free.
This was enjoyed with a glass of organic pinot on the roof. My bedroom has a door that leads to the roof of the addition below. It's pretty sweet. I have a really nice view of DC since we're on a hill.

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