Monday, March 14, 2011


This weekend was pretty chill. I didn't go to Shamrock Fest on Saturday, mainly because it's a day of non-stop drinking and I just can't hang anymore. It was really nice to just hang around the house though, and Mike and I got  a late lunch with his sister and his adorable nephew. I would have taken a picture of my food, but I got chicken curry, and instead of chicken I asked for extra veggies, which I more or less did not get so it was unsatisfying and sucked for $13.
On Friday Nick, Tasha, Dale and I went to the Calvert House Inn where I got an amazing organic bison burger and a side of sweet potato fries. I was really stoked they had organic meat, and even more stoked it tasted so awesome. Sorry for the worse than usual picture.

On Saturday night after everyone got home from Shamrock I was feeling kind of snacky, so I made some guac. I think I make the best and simplest guacamole in the world:
-tons of cilantro
-lots of onions
-course sea salt (swear it makes a difference) and pepper
-occasionally: garlic/lemon juice/jalapeno
Hola, upside down guac!

On Sunday we were preparing to watch the Caps game. After I got back from grocery shopping, a hankering for crab legs hit the house. Mike did some Yelp research and found a place with good reviews nearby called Ruff 'n' Ready. We got gigantic crab legs and some shrimp. Seriously, I ate one cluster of the legs and was full.
The scrimps are in the Chinese takeout box.
PS- If you're not familiar with Old Bay, you need to be. It's amazing and I genuinely feel sorry for you if you've never tried it.

On Sunday night, Kait, Jackie and I split a bottle of organic red wine while I made some lasagna and asparagus. For my lasagna I use rice noodles instead of the regular wheat, and I blend raw cottage cheese in the Vitamix instead of using ricotta (cottage cheese has a much better protein content). For the sauce I usually use an organic marinara, and add garlic and onion sauteed in tons of butter. Last night however, I was super low on sauce so I just mixed it with some raw cream. For the cheeses I use a combination of whatever we have, usually a raw mild cheddar and pecorino romano. Last night I used pecorino, parm and mozzarella. It came out pretty good. I added a little chicken stock and butter to the asparagus and let it cook down.

Get stoked on tonight's dinner! I'm making meatball subs and will tell you how tomorrow!

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