Thursday, May 26, 2011

honey mustard salmon!

First things first, I had this for breakfast yesterday morning:

French toast! I also had eggs, but the French toast was way more exciting. And awesome. I used the maple syrup we got from the farm and it was freaking delicious.

My tooth is killing me! I woke up at 12:45 last night in pain. The pain was radiating through my head. It started at my tooth, went up into my cheek bone, throbbed in my temple, seared through the back of my head and ended on the left side of my  neck. There was no way I could sleep without more advil. I searched my house, asked the roommates and after determining there wasn't any in the house, I got dressed to make a late night run to 7-11. Thankfully, Kait was gearing up going to 7-11 for snacks! So she picked me up some. She also shared her mac and cheese (yeah, the Velveeta kind that is terrible for you) with me. I was so comfortable when I finally passed back out. Unfortunately I was tired as ballz this morning, and in more pain. Advil is no longer doing much. I called the dentist and at this point am waiting for the O.K. from my boss to switch my appointment from Wednesday, to tomorrow at 10am. I'm not stoked to have my tooth extracted, but I'm way more excited than any normal person should be about the removal of a mercury filling. I keep thinking things like, "Dude, this will improve my immune system so much!!" and "I'm going to use chlorella to get rid of all this effin mercury in my system and it's gonna be awesome!"

As for dinner, I made some honey mustard salmon. I used equal parts raw honey and mustard (I used the cheapy mustard, would def have been better with a dijon or something). I baked it in the over at 400 degrees and served it with a little salad, also dressed in honey mustard.


Ignore where I gouged out the center to check if it was cooked through. Normally I'm not a fan of the sweet and savory dishes, but this was well balanced and not too sweet. It worked out really well, and was a nourishing dinner. I sort of don't feel like cooking tonight. I might hit up Elevation Burger or Chipotle...

Have a great day!

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  1. Ugh, tooth pain is the worst. It really does radiate through your whole body.

    Even though you are in horrible pain this was a really funny post especially this bit "I'm going to use chlorella to get rid of all this effin mercury in my system and it's gonna be awesome!"

    Thanks for the laugh - it is a great way to start my Thursday:-)