Tuesday, May 24, 2011

dangers of mercury and flouride...and a burger recipe

I have a cracked tooth that is seriously painful right now. I got it filled with an amalgam filling when I was a kid, and the tooth/filling cracked a couple years ago. I haven't and still don't have dental insurance because it's just too pricey, and the dentists covered under the insurance I could get are not holistic dentists, so I definitely wouldn't go to them. Most dentists use highly toxic materials, the first of which I will discuss is mercury. Yes, the same mercury present in the fish that pregnant women avoid. At this point you might wonder why the mercury in fish is harmful, but the mercury filling dentists put in our mouths are not. Well, that ain't the case. Mercury fillings are highly toxic, and have caused brain, kidney and liver damage, cancer, neurological disorders, gastrointestinal problems, weak immune systems and a host of other issues. I've been wanting to get this mercury filling out of my mouth for years. Unfortunately the tooth will probably have to go with it, and that scares me. But I'll just have to suck it up. I'm genuinely concerned about how this mercury is affecting, and will affect me. A while ago I took chlorella tablets, which removes mercury from the body. I recently bought some more and plan on taking them for an extended period of time. Mercury is a seriously harmful substance. Studies are not inconclusive. We know mercury is bad for us, we know pregnant women should not consume it, so why should we put it directly into our mouths?

Flouride. Flouride was deemed safe in the 30's when a study conducted by one of the largest aluminum companies concluded that flouride prevented tooth decay. Flouride is a byproduct of copper, iron and aluminum. Flouride is a toxic substance, even more toxic than lead. Before it was used in household items (like toothpaste) and in our water, it was used as an insecticide and rat poison! Flouride has been linked to the development of cancer, Alzheimer's, lower IQ rates, infertiliy and even cavities! If this isn't enough to encourage you to stop using it, well, then I'd assume you just don't care about your overall health. You can buy flouride-free toothpaste, I usually buy Toms (though still not ideal, as it contains glycerin). The best option would be to make your own. I have done this using different combination of the following:
  • coconut oil
  • baking soda
  • tea tree oil
  • spearmint oil
  • orange oil
  • Dr. Bronner's soap in spearmint
  • probably other things I'm forgetting
For more info on the dangers of flouride, visit flouridealert.org.

Dinner last night came together in under 30 minutes. I've sort of been really into burgers lately, they're just so easy.

Spicy Herbed Burger:
-1 jalapeno
-1 lb grassfed beef
-1 egg

In my mini food processor I combined the garlic, herbs and jalapeno. In another bowl I combined the eggs, beef and worcestishire. I combined them and formed four patties. I topped the burgers with raw cheddar and served with my sauteed mushrooms, an avocado and grape tomatoes with sea salt.

Lots of food. Lots of fat. Lots of protein. Lots of veggies.

Lots of green in that burger, and I have leftovers for lunch. Score

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  1. Grand Rapids, MI, a city just 15 miles east of us, was the 1st to add fluoride to their water. They based their findings that is was good for your teeth on skewed testings. They had gone to the inner city where kids had NOT been brushing their teeth and had them start brushing with fluoridated water. Kids then had less cavities.Duh. Last I heard, Grand Rapids was going to be removing fluoride from their water.