Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I am no longer sick! Sort of. When I left work on Friday, I went home and immediately fell asleep for a couple hours. I felt better once I woke up. My stuffiness has mostly dissipated, but I still sound a little horse.

On Saturday, in honor of the derby, Tasha and I dressed up and put on flowy hats
And we went to Mcginty's with the boys (Nick, Mike, Dale, then more friends came later).
Dale, lookin' like a hipster:
Best brunch drink ever, a bloody Mary:
Eggs benedict with a salad:

After brunch and hanging out outside for several hours, we went back to the boys' house to grill. We do a lot of grilling in the summer.

On Sunday I took my g-ma out for mother's day and her birthday!

We went to Gordon Biersch, which is not my fave but she wanted crab cakes and it was the only place that didn't have a million hour wait. I got a salad with lightly seared tuna, there were about 5 super tiny pieces of tuna on it. It pretty much sucked and I was still hungry afterward. Thankfully, Granny got a crabcake omelette and was satisfied with it.

In regards to my whole eating everything in my fridge and pantry, there is still stuff I could eat but I'm cracking and going to the grocery store tonight. I need more veggies! All I have is romaine and carrots and kale and frozen lima beans. Here is my grocery list if you would like ideas:

snap peas
GRAPE TOMATOES- as a side and to serve with asparagus
artichoke- canned if ya can't find fresh
amy's pizza? (I get the vegan rice crust kind, it is amazing)
piece of salmon if it's cheap
chicken if it's cheap
cream cheese (for potential GF coconut flour carrot cake)

Do you like how I write notes to myself on my grocery list? I'm so stoked to go grocery shopping tonight! Am I the only one who enjoys this errand? I'm also really excited to be able to cook with more ingredients and come up with some new recipes. For more recipes check out Monday Mania!

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