Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Importance of Eating Consistently

Unfortunately, I missed the rally yesterday. By the time I tried to get over there on my lunch break, all the speakers had spoken (this sort of broke my heart, I was SO looking forward to hearing them) and it was winding down. But you can find articles about the rally all over the internet. They even milked a cow on Cap Hill! So amazing.

Then as I was about to get off work yesterday my friend Hayter called and invited me to the Nationals game with him and our friend Timmy. So I didn't get to go grocery shopping (which I again neglected to do this weekend). Dinner was the fastest meal I could think of, a sammich:

Egg sammich:
two eggs
two pieces toasted spelt bread
raw cheese

On another note, I have not been eating consistently for the past week or so. My appetite has just been so low. This is extremely rare for me. And for one reason or another I haven't found the time to cook for myself. No more! I need to get back on track. Not only do I feel much worse, I look it. A lot of people think that strictly limiting what they eat will give them a thinner, more attractive body. Not so much. When we restrict our food, our body holds onto fat. When we are eating regularly, it boosts our metabolism and our body is not in starvation mode. Even though I've been working out semi regularly, since I haven't been eating properly I've noticed that I am holding onto fat, and my love handles are more pronounced. I am not saying I'm fat, because I do not think that. But I'm definitely not as toned. I've also had trouble sleeping, so hopefully once I start eating consistently again I will be able to sleep through the night.

So this morning I had a tall glass of raw milk and 1.5 tablespoons of coconut oil. About 45 minutes ago I had Two eggs with cheese and tomatoes. I got a double yolk egg!

Plus another egg. So would it be three eggs? 3 yolks and two egg whites? I don't know.

And I also made a veggie stir fry for lunch which included onions, half a roma tomato, asparagus and snap peas cooked in a bunch of butter. Gotta have that fat. And for protein I have tuna with onions and cream cheese.

I'll be grocery shopping tonight! And hopefully seeing Bridesmaids! I hear it's so effing funny. Here's my grocery list:

grape tomatoes
chicken legs
rice fettucini and mac
ramen (I buy organic ramen)

(Some stuff is for Kait, like the pasta and ramen.) I'm off to do some work. Have a great day!

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  1. Hehe I can't WAIT to see Bridesmaids either, I heard it got great reviews!! Great blog you have here and so glad to be your newest follower! :)