Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend/Nats Game/Oysters/Mexican

The weekend started out pretty awesome with La Tasca. I got white wine, calamari and we split the asparagus. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures. We went to another bar after that to watch the game, which we unfortunately lost. :( I still have faith though!

On Saturday I met up with Timmy for the Nationals game, and I brought Kait along. The new stadium is amazing. We tailgated at a part of it called the Bull Pin. They sells booze and food, have a live band and several rows of cornhole to play. It's pretty sick. Started out with a good summer beer:

Once we entered the stadium I was starving and ended up paying $5 for one slice of pizza! Ridiculous. I also got a sausage sub, and asked for extra peppers and onions.
Plus onions and a bit of ketchup. I normally never order meat unless I know where it's sourced from, but I won't lie, I was starving and a little tipsy at that point. I ended up taking most of the sausage off and just eating the veggies. The game was SO fun. We had a great view of the field since Timmy got mezzanine seats.

The President's Race, Abe won. I definitely intend to make him take me again.

After that we headed to a nearby hotel to wait for all the traffic and millions of people on the metro to dissipate. We each got a beer, and somehow landed on the subject of oysters. It was then decided that we NEEDED oysters. Thanks to the trusty Yelp app on the iPhone, we headed out to Hank's Oyster Bar. Kait and I split the lobster bisque:
And they each got a plate of oysters:
Timmy got two actually and a salad, while Kait got one and a side of mac and cheese, which may have been the best mac and cheese I've ever had. I got the fried oyster dinner, which came with fries and cole slaw:
We all agreed they were probably the best oysters we'd ever had. So, so good. After Hank's we headed out to some bars in the area and ended up at one in Adams Morgan. Timmy and I decided we wanted to dance, and legitimately started the dance party. The rest of the night was spent dancing our faces off.

On Sunday I met up with Jenn to get my tattoo. Bless her heart, I made her hold my hand for the entire three hours I was getting it. I'll post pics once it has healed. After the tattoo we went to an old hangout/fave, Fajita Coast. I opted for a special they had, shrimp and veggie burrito in tomatillo sauce.
Took most of it home, as I filled up on their ridiculous chips and salsa. I emailed them for the recipe once. They never responded.

Overall, an amazing weekend.


  1. Wes and I went to fajita coast for a date night and he got something with the tomatillo salsa, it is so good!!! I had them bring me a side of it, love it!