Friday, May 13, 2011

FDA Attack on Rainbow Acres

First, I there is something I need to talk about.
If you can make it, this Monday we will be rallying on Capitol Hill to support Rainbow Acres. If you are unaware, the FDA has targeted the farmer we source majority of our food from. For more information please checkout Grassfed On the Hill. It would literally break my heart and be a huge injustice if this farm were to be shut down. The FDA has launched an attack on America's small farms, we can't stand idly by while this happens. Don't forget, you vote every time you spend your money. You can vote for big agriculture and factory farms, or you can support a small farm that treats animals decently and isn't destroying the earth. These days, there's a lot of separation between people and their food. They have no idea where it comes from, who grows it, how it's grown, or even if it's grown ethically. I know where my food comes from. I know the animals have the opportunity to roam. I know that the food is always amazing and nourishing for my body. I know it comes from a family farm. I know that these amazing people are being attacked. My heart goes out to the Allgyers. We should have the right to choose what we eat. It amazes me that the FDA allows chemicals, toxins, high fructose corn syrup, cigarettes, booze, and prescription drugs that kill people, and yet they attack raw milk. I also don't see any attacks on the giant factory farms, which are the source of majority of food bourne illnesses. I encourage you to read up. There are several articles on this all over the Internet. You can also make donations to the legal defense fund by clicking here. And since everyone has a facebook, please like the Grassfed on the Hill page. 

Yesterday, I demolished this for breakfast:

Two eggs cooked in butter, sprouted spelt bead topped with butter and some sauteed mushrooms. With a glass of delicious raw milk!

A well balanced and awesome breakfast. Then I spent some quality time with this guy:

Look at how big he is getting! And he looks so regal! The sweetest bad ass you know. But I really, really hope he never grows into his tongue.

For dinner I had more of the jalapeno cheddar burgers, but around 9 I was feelin' snacky. So I did up the cottage cheese caprese and a piece of spelt bread with cottage cheese. The thing about grains and carbs, the more you eat 'em, the more you crave 'em.

Cottage cheese is especially great to eat at night because it is a slow digesting protein. This is great for people who are working out. Your body uses it while you sleep. A trick I like if you're trying to lose weight and you want an unhealthy night time snack, just eat something healthy instead. I doubt you'll still be craving it afterward. Last night I didn't particularly want this specifically as a snack, I honestly wanted pizza. But after I ate it I was completely satiated.

I hope you all have an amazing and safe weekend! Please try to come to the rally on Monday! Even if it's just for a little bit.

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