Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Eats and Ali!

Sorry for the lack of postage. There just hasn't been that many amazing eats for the past couple of days. On Wednesday, in lieu of actually making a big, intricate dinner I just sauteed some of Granny's cabbage and onions:
-chopped cabbage
-sliced onion
-little bit of chicken stock

And had that with the rest of these bad boys:

And then met up with my friend Hayter and some people to go bar hopping. This is not something I usually do on a Wednesday night, but Hayter is freshly back in town from 5 years of college, and will be starting law school this fall. Or at least that's how I justify going out on a Wednesday night. I was absolutely exhausted the next day, aka yesterday. So for dinner, I mosied on over to the new Chipotle that's about 5 feet away from my house!

-half chicken/half steak
-fajita veggies
-two scoops tomatoes
-little bit of cheese

I really like their corn and rice, but it's grain free for this girl.

And since I'm a hater of wasting food, I turned the leftover chipotle into breakfast this morning. Yes, I am pretty crafty.

Chipotle omelette!

Well, my only solid weekend plans are to hangout with my friend Ali who is in from Kentucky! Behold, Allison Grace:



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  1. this pictures are a prefect portrayal of Ali.