Monday, May 23, 2011

Crab Feast

This weekend was pretty awesome. It's so nice to have one of my best friends back in town. Friday when I got home from work I decided to make some pasta. I eat really well throughout the week and pretty much use the weekend to eat things I normally don't. And I figured that making my own pasta was way better than getting it at a restaurant.
Chicken and Broccoli Pasta:

-chicken stock
-whole wheat noods
-pecorino romano

Preeetty good.

On Friday night Kait and I headed out to a bar in Bethesda for my friend Robby's birthday. After that we met up with another friend at this awesome place by U st. Apparently it was some giant promotion for Vitamin Water. It was basically a giant warehouse with two floors of dancing, and a ton of art. There was graffiti everywhere and tons of awesome art upstairs. There were all the different rooms and different artists decorated them and displayed their stuff. It was amazing. We danced our faces off. Normally I don't enjoy the club type scene, but the guys were really respectful and did not try to grind (so annoying!) and there was a lot of spaces so it wasn't uncomfortably crowded, and they played really good music. Including old school motown stuff. How sick is that? The room we were dancing in was gigantic, and there was a floor to ceiling picture of a woman's face. My description really doesn't do the place justice. I didn't get a ton of pictures since it was so dark.

Some art.

Hit up the farmers market in downtown Silver Spring on Saturday morning with this guy:

He stuck his entire face in that water bowl, spilling most of it and then laying in it. And got a croissant, chocolate and pistachio:

On Saturday night Kait and I met up with Ali. We headed back to the U street area for dinner at some Spanish restaurant. We started out with a pitcher of strawberry 'ritas, too sweet for me.

Kait's food:

I got shrimp fajitas, and didn't eat the tortillas.

Ali got a steak burrrito:

After that we headed to Adams Morgan. We got some drinks and Madams Organ and people watched from the deck.

This dude was wearin' duck slippers. We quickly became friends.

I liked this place with the lights, I have no idea what it was, but there was an open rooftop deck. Figured I'd snap a picture.

While here, Ali took it upon herself to push me into a circle of dancing bridesmaids. That was fun.

On Sunday Ali and I headed to her dad's house for a crab feast. I love picking crabs, so stoked that it's crab pickin' season.

When our friend Sara saw this she said "What kind of poisonous salad dressing is your dad making??"

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