Friday, May 6, 2011


I haven't updated recently because I've been sick! Today is my first day back to work since Tuesday, and I surprisingly still feel like crap. I'm leaving at 1, thankfully. I rarely ever get sick, and when I do it clears up pretty quickly. Today is the third day having a nasty cold. It wouldn't be too terrible if I were also not experience crucial lower back pain. I need to see a chiropractor, stat. I've been taking vitamin C, echinacea, raw milk and yogurt (probiotics) and organic apple cider vinegar for this cold. Oh, and dandelion tea, green tea with kombucha, and kava stress relief tea (friggin' great when you can't sleep).

Regarding food, I've tried to keep it pretty simple. But have failed. I was craving mac and cheese the other night so I made a Dani version:
-little bit of rice noods
-chicken stock
I grated the cauli, onion and bacon and sauteed until soft in a lot of chicken stock (I was out of milk). I then grated raw cheese and pecorino in the food processor as well, and mixed it all in with the cooked noodles until soft. When sick, it's not a good idea to consume cooked dairy OR grains. Both of which I did. 

Served with a stir fry that consisted of:
-ground beef
-liquid aminos
I cook all of the ingredients excluding the kelp noodles. I add them at the very end to ensure rawness. They are a great source of iodine, which most Americans do not get enough of. They're a sea veggie. They really do not have a flavor, just a nice crispy bite. I buy the Sea Tangle brand. They're so wonderful for you

The plus side to being home sick, other than getting to lay around and just relax for once (which I did not do on Wednesday, I did laundry, cleaned, assembled, etc when I should have been in bed) is that I get to hang out with this guy all day:

He's getting so big!

I also watched some DVDs that Mike bought. The Whole Truth About Raw Milk and The World According To Monsanto. They really are a despicable corporation. I'll write more about them later. Right now I feel like I have fuzzy head, and I'm all over the place. 

My night stand looked like this:
Tea, toilet paper to blow my nose every five seconds, water bottle  (water, vitamin C, apple cider vinegar), raw yogurt with raw honey and raw almond butter, relaxing vanilla sandalwood candle (soy wax, can't get down with the paraffin wax which burns harsh chemicals in to air), bamboo plants to help purify the air.

Wiggle butt, sleepin'.

I'm so stoked to not have any plans this weekend. I definitely need to take the time to relax, and I really should go to a yoga class, or two. Might see a movie tonight or something. Ok, I'm done. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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