Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend recap

My weekend was pretty amazing. It started off with the dance party at the Velvet Lounge. Anytime dancing is involved I am enjoying myself. Sure, I'm white and can't do it very well, but this does not stop me from trying. WHAT'S UP.

Saturday Scott and I went to Asylum in AdMo for brunch. They had waffle fries! I haven't had waffle fries in years, so it was mandatory that we get some.

I didn't really look at the menu, I just ordered the special. I actually wish I would've looked at the menu, I would've ordered my fave brunch item: eggs benedict. Oh well. I got hash browns topped with peppers and onions, shrimp, eggs, cheese, sour cream and salsa. Not too shabby.

Scott got some vegan burrito or something not worth photographing. (In real life I am not this big of a jerk about his veganism. I think.) After that we headed to Georgetown to see Our Idiot Brother. It wasn't really what I was expecting but I really liked it.

I was expecting an actual hurricane on Saturday. Nope. It really just seemed like a bad storm. Later in the day we geared up to walk to Sticky Fingers. In the rain. Scott wore swimming trunks and sandals. I wore skinny jeans and Toms. It was uncomfortable. But I actually had a lot of fun walking in the rain to go score some vegan goodies (again, totally unhealthy but their treats are so good). When we got back we ordered Thai. I can't remember from where but I got the seafood combo. Scallops, shrimps, squids, mussels and veggies in a super spicy sauce.

It was really good. A nice gluten free, but not grain free dinner.

Really decently sized seafood. Dig it.

Then we ate some vegan treats.

Vanilla and red velvet cupcakes. Vanilla was better. God it was so good.

Sunday morning we hit up brunch at Cafe Green. It's all vegan and has several organic, gluten free and raw options. I love raw food. For breakfast I generally stick to savory meals, but most of them included fake food (soy this, soy that). So I went with the raw cinnamon bun.

At first I thought this looked like chocolate, and kind of measly. But it was delicious and super dense. Scott got some fake omelet that came with these amazing mushrooms, so I also ordered a side of shrooms. They were probably the best mushrooms I've ever had. I'm emailing Cafe G today for the recipe. They better share, or else. After that we went golfing! Like, to a driving range. I sucked real bad at first, but I started to get the hang of it. I had a lot of fun doing it and want to go back. We walked around Haines Point before heading home. I probably should've taken pictures of the water, it was such a gorgeous day.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning and making my sheperds pie (I use cauli instead of potatoes).

God butter is awesome.

Dinner last night, lunch today and have another tupperware in the freezer for a future meal.

So overall I had an amazing weekend. Here's to hoping the workweek is half as tight.

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