Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So, I have to address it. Yesterday's quake scared the shit out of me. I work in a big building in downtown DC on the 5th floor. I'm at my desk, when I start to hear a rumble. This is not uncommon, I think they are doing work on the floor above me. I start to feel something, nor is this uncommon. I think they're lugging these gigantic roller thingies down the hallway. Then the building starts to shake. Then I start to freak out. At that point I was terrified. No one knew what was going on. I ran out of my office without my shoes. Because really, who wears shoes at their desk? Someone shouts, "Dani, where are your shoes?!" So I run back to my office to grab them and my purse and get the hell out of the building. While taking the stairs, I got a text from my friend Mike asking if I felt the earthquake. Hell yeah I did. The text didn't make me feel much better. Thankfully, there were no damages or anything. I know a lot of people were joking on Twitter and Facebook. But that was seriously scary, and I'm sure terrified anyone who works in a large building. These joints ain't made to stand quakes!

So, after leaving work early, yet spending two hours on the metro to get home, I finally got there and started on dinner. It was pretty uninspired. I felt drained from the commute and other events of the day. I made roasted carrots, potaters and onions. As well as Jenna's "boyfriend approved" black bean burgers. Were they boyfriend approved? Yes, but even if he didn't like them I doubt he'd tell me.

The bun is really just for aesthetic purposes. Neither of us ate the bun.

Totally vegs. Really not bad. Obviously, I'd prefer a grass-fed burger made with some organic worchestirshire and a pastured egg (three ingredients, super simple, gluten and grain free!). But I'm always happy to cook for people. AND he brought me a cowvin bar from Sticky Fingers! They're a vegan bakery that I used to frequent when I was a vegan in high school. Even though they use completely terrible ingredients, they really do make some amazing food. The cowvin bar was awesome.

It's basically two oatmeal cookies with some frosting in the center. So bomb. I hear they make gluten free cupcakes now so I'll have to hit those up. Hope everyone has a great day!

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