Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I cooked my face off last night. I made a whole chicken. And a quiche of sorts.

The chicken actually turned out really well. Covered it in s&p, olive oil and Mrs. Dash OG seasoning blend. You know why I like it, other than the fact that it also tastes like Thanksgiving? It's MSG free, bitches!

Eggs, milk, tomatoes and onion sauteed in butter, raw havarti cheese and basil.


The juice/fat from the chicken was so good. Don't be afraid of or waste that shit. Remember that your body needs the fat. 

Peas cooked in butter too. Bomb.

For breakfast I had some of that egg concoction that I made with a bit of smoked salmon.

Tonight I'm making dinner for vegan Scott. Yes, this blows my mind too. Most of what he eats offends me personally. And concerns me. I'll be making black bean burgers because they seem like the best form of non-processed vegan protein I can feed him. I mean, at least beans are still a whole food. While I do not generally eat beans, or grains (still not going to, I'll go without a bun) I figure I'll suck it up. Beans aren't too terrible, you could definitely consume worse. While this primal princess obviously don't prefer beans, vegan Scott digs black bean burgers, so I figure this is the best option. I'll keep ya posted. 

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