Wednesday, August 3, 2011

benefits of eating raw meat

So I've mentioned before that I've been making an effort to eat more of my meat raw, or at least semi-raw. Some of the benefits of eating meat raw include intact enzymes and other vitamins and nutrients. It's also just easier on the ol' digestive tract. Several cultures all over the world eat raw meat regularly. There is even evidence that eating raw meat increases fertility, and eases childbirth. When Weston A. Price studied and explored cultures untouched by our modern diseases, majority consumed some form of raw animal protein! Mike recently shared some of his New York strip with me so I decided to cook it up, or rather barely cook it up. I seasoned each side with salt and pepper before searing it in coconut oil. I seared it for maybe thirty seconds on each side. I had it with mashed potatoes, which I don't usually eat but I was craving them. I just used organic red skin potatoes, butter and milk. I also had a salad, which I've been meaning to eat more of.


Suuuper rare. At first I thought I might be skeeved out, that it might taste weird or I'd be turned off by the texture. Turns out it was freaking delicious. I've always preferred rare meat. The flavor was really good with a nice sear. While it was not entirely rare, the center was not even warm. This did not bother me. I don't think I could just nosh on an entirely raw steak, as that does not seem even slightly appealing to me. And keep in mind that people have always eaten raw meat. Now, I am not suggesting you go out and buy some cheap meat in the grocery store from a CAFO farm. I get all of my meat from a local, trusted farmer whose cows are grass-fed. It might be a good idea to look into eating more of your meat rare, or even raw. It is easier to digest, and our overall health begins with our digestive tract and what we are eating.

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday.

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