Monday, August 1, 2011


Finally got some pictures to upload via a new app on my phone. I am SO behind and have so much to share, but I'll start with Buckfest. As always, it was awesome. There was a band

And tons of food, this isn't even half.

Crabs and lots of Budweiser...

A baby pool that this guy kept jumping in to cool off

And I ate a ton of food, without any regard for whether or not it was healthy. The food at Buckfest every year is always so good, there was no way I was passing any of it up. Plus, there was amazing Filipino food. So throughout the day I had this:

And this:

And this:

It was a long day! My contribution to the food was a tomato/basil/mozzarella joint that I totally forgot to photograph, which sucks because it was actually attractive. It got really good reviews! I just sliced up some tomatoes from the farmers market, added a chopped ball of mozzarella, basil from the market, raw garlic, olive oil and s&p.

I played redneck games

...turns out I really suck at horseshoes.

Spent the rest of the day dancin', drinkin', seeing old friends and hangin' out with these ladies:

Katie, Jackie, Tasha, Dani and Jenny. I love these girls so much! I'm seriously sad that Buckfest '11 is over but I had a ton of fun. Can't wait for next year!!

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