Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Last night after work I walked to Chinatown. Once there, a guy in a Children International shirt introduced himself and started talking to me. Most people walk away when this happens. I am not most people. I can't walk away. I don't know why, I just can't. This is doubled with the fact that I am a sucker. THIS however was actually a legit organization. Long story short, I am now sponsoring a young girl in the Dominican. For only $22 a month! And he said something like 85% of the children they sponsor end up going to college! I agreed with Stefan (that was the dude's name) that that was a great percentage. I can spare $22 a month. PLUS I get pictures! And letters! Sure, I don't speak Spanish, but I'll enlist the help of my vegan friend, who does speak Spanish, to translate. I am SO stoked.  

After that we hit up Thai Chili. In lieu of ordering some adventurous option, I just got pad Thai. It's just so good.

Sans meat or tofu. I could've gotten shrimp, but I figured it might be farmed. And well, we all know how I feel about soy. I HAVE been eating more grains lately, mostly in the form of rice (or rice noodles, actually). But at least it's gluten free, and I'll get back on track with the no grains soon enough.

After dinner we saw 30 Minutes or Less. I heard some bad reviews, but critics will criticize. I laughed a lot. How can you not like Jesse, Aziz, Nick and Kenny Powers?! I really liked it, and it put me in a great mood. Watching funny movies is like taking Prozac for me. Except not damaging to my internal organs and much more effective. 

And just for good measure, and because they also put me in a great mood, here are some picture of Caedus.

What a funny guy.

Such a prince.

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