Wednesday, August 17, 2011

suck it, pecan pie

Yesterday I ate a piece of pecan pie. I have no idea why I sometimes do these things. I felt like shit. I mean really. I was fine for a bit afterward. And then...the overwhelming urge to vomit everywhere hit me. So that sucked. Prior to eating the pie (and it wasn't like I scored some gluten and sugar free pie, I'm sure it was full of HFCS and other forms of slow death) I thought to myself, alright, I never eat pie. What's it gonna hurt? It's effing pie. Once in a while is nbd. Which for the most part, one in a while isn't a big deal. This however, was not the case. I was gagging. I had to clench my jaw as hard as I could as to not puke. Hot, right?

The reason I felt the overwhelming desire to eat the pecan pie is because my normal eating routine has been thrown for a loop. I couldn't eat consistently, or eat my normal nutrient dense food when I was at the beach. And I've been eating more grains, which of course leads me to crave more grains, as well as sugar. So I decided I'd make myself a decent dinner. On my way home from work I spotted the sign for the Tuesday farmers market in Hyattsville. I rarely hit it up because I don't normally do my shopping on Tuesday. But I needed tomatoes and potatoes (don't normally eat potaters, but like I said, I've been craving things) and am always happy to give my money to local farmers. So that's what I did. I also impulse bought a watermelon. I've never bought one before. They're gigantic.

So for dinner I made steak (cooked maybe twenty seconds on each side in refined (flavorless) coconut oil with the potatoes that I mashed up with a shit ton of grass-fed butter and a huge ass salad.

Rare. Real rare. Like, not cooked. I know.

I used to really suck at salad dressings and my dear buddy Mike would constantly harass me about how disgusting my salads were. They were quite gross. But for some reason I got the hang of it. For the dressing I used olive oil, cilantro, raw honey, organic dijon, raw garlic and lemon juice.

I especially like cilantro not only because it's awesome but because it binds to mercury in your system and helps remove it. Thanks cilantroooo.

Tonight I'm going to a Thai place with my vegan friend. I love Thai food and haven't had it in forever. A Tara Thai is being built a stones throw from my house though, so I foresee myself eating a lot of Thai in the near future, and I am stoked on that. We're also seeing 30 Minutes or Less, which probably has my favorite cast out of any movie ever made. Hope whoever reads this has a great night!!

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