Tuesday, August 16, 2011


On Friday I took off work to go to a Lasik pre-exam appointment (which was terrible, I was unaware they'd prod my eyeballs with instruments just for the pre-exam) and get some stuff done before going to the beach. For some reason I just wasn't hungry that day, but knew I needed to eat. So I made

fishies (wild caught cod) that I cooked in lard. Then topped with lemon, butter and parsley.

After getting my stuff together (packing) I headed out. It was my buddy Tall Matt's birthday so we all met up at Busboys and Poets, where I had the shrimp and grits (again).

Still awesome.

After dinner we were on our way to the Outer Banks! Which was a surprise for Matt. I freaking love the Outer Banks and didn't think I'd get a chance to go this summer. We got there around 1am and headed out to the beach. WHERE I LOST MY GLASSES IN THE OCEAN. Yeah, that happened. But it was worth it, we did some night swimming and it was tons of fun. We spent Saturday on the beach where I got a massive sunburn. It hurts a lot. Saturday night was a dance party, that included a trip to the ER due to a BROKEN FOOT...that's what happens when you mosh to Poison the Well in the living room.

Sunday it was overcast and they were calling for rain. But I wasn't about to pass up spending more time at the beach so Scott and I went, spent about a minute in the freezing water and then just hung out on the beach. God I wish I lived near/on a beach. I love the ocean so much.

We made the trek back to DC, but not before stopping in Richmond to hit up Sticky Rice.


And the gluten free coconut shrimp bowl.

It was an awesome weekend and I'm really hoping to get back to the beach before the summer is over. Enjoy your workweek!

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