Friday, September 2, 2011

vegan taco night

Finally! I can upload pictures again. I'll start from the beginning of the week. Tuesday night was taco night. Vegan taco night. Since I've been dating a vegan, I've inevitably also been doing more the following: eating out more, eating sweets (he just lives so close to Sticky Fingers), eating grains, eating beans, eating carbs, gaining weight. When I strictly eat primally (with the addition of raw dairy) is when I look my best. While I'm not too concerned with gaining a bit of weight, it does not make me feel (or look, obviously) my best. It doesn't help that I've abandoned going to the gym. I talked to my girl Tasha, who also hasn't been feeling the gym lately and I'm hoping we can do more outdoor workouts together, like hiking. In the meantime, I'd really like to get back to eating more primally. Not just because I'd like to get rid of the excess weight I've gained, but also because with the added grain consumption, I've been experiencing mild anxiety. Nothing like the anxiety I used to have, before radically altering my diet. But enough to make me feel uncomfortable, and enough to recognize that my body is telling me to cut it out.

Anyway, on to taco night. Clearly I wasn't about to use some fake, processed soy meat to substitute the real meat in tacos. I made black bean tacos. For the black bean mixture I added the following to a pot:
-2 cans black beans
-3/4 cup corn
-diced onion
-1 small can diced green chiles
-olive oil (ran out of coconut oil)
-chili powder

I also sauteed some peppers and onion in olive oil and garlic, and added cumin. I made my own pico de gallo, because I love that shit. Tomatoes, lemon juice, onions, garlic, cilantro.

Taco bar.

And I had leftovers for work the next day. I just added the black beans to the peppers and topped with the pico.

Not a healthy as a primal meal but you could definitely do worse.

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