Monday, September 19, 2011


For Dale's birthday on Friday I made him a cake! Except...I didn't take any pictures. I got organic boxed white cake mix. Despite it being organic, it definitely isn't primal (flour, sugar) or particularly good for you. Last year he requested carrot cake, so I added four carrots to the cake, along with a lot of cinnamon. For the icing I used brown sugar, cinnamon and cream cheese. I didn't have a piece of the cake, but hopefully it was good.

Saturday I did an event for Honest Tea, we worked Taste of Friendship Heights. Since I'm absolutely horrible with my glasses, this happened the night before:

I'm back to rocking the one armed glasses. I am due for a new pair anyway, since these are actually a pair my friend gave to me. I am an idiot. So, on to Taste of Friendship Heights. There were tons of vendors, including Potomac Pizza, PF Chang's, Rosa Mexicano and several others. Started out with some PF Chang's lettuce wraps and gnocchi from a place I don't remember.

Guac from Rosa Mexicano! Unquestionably the healthiest thing I ate that day.

Chicken Tikka from Indique Heights, and some free steak sandwiches from Capital Grille.

Our spread.

It was a pretty long event, and I was completely drained by the end. I didn't get a lot of sleep the night before and just wanted to be home and in bed. I went home, showered and used the foot massager I got for Christmas while watching trash TV. It was awesome. Since I didn't feel like cooking, I drove to Yes! (it seriously takes me longer to drive, I was just so tired) for some easy food.

Amy's vegan and gluten free pizza because it's awesome. It's seriously my favorite frozen pizza. And some smoked baby clams, I needed vitamins so I figured shellfish would be good. They were delicious. I promptly passed out soon after.

On Sunday Scott got home! I met him and his roommate/heterosexual life partner, Friilock, at Tonic to watch the Lions and Redskins games. I got the eggs nova, which is basically eggs benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham.

I removed the English muffin to make this a grain free brunch. Both the Lions and the Redskins won, so I was stoked. We went back to Scott's where I fell asleep on him for a bit. I was still tired. Eventually we headed over to Georgetown, which turned out to be an unsuccessful shopping trip. But we walked around the water which was awesome and I prefer over shopping.

This picture really doesn't do it justice. At all. For dinner we went to Bangkok Joe's. I got the sea bass with veggies and jasmine rice.

It was SO good. The veggies were all fresh and still had some crunch, which I absolutely loved. My only complaint was that the piece of fish was really small, especially for the price.

Now I just have to attack this workweek. Hope everyone has a good day!

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