Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Over the past couple of days I've actually spent some time in the kitchen, despite eating so many meals out. I got some grocery shopping done with Scott. He even brought his own lunch to work with him yesterday!

I was so proud! Anyway, I made a meatloaf:

Why are you sideways?!

But only seconds after I took this picture, I was portioning it off into tupperware so I could eat it throughout the week, and this happened:


Everywhere. Such a bitch to clean up.

On the plus side, I did put my new food processor to work. I made my own mayo using:

-1 pastured egg
-3/4 cup olive oil
-1 large clove of garlic
-little bit of dijon mustard

Raw mayo is actually so nourishing, while majority of store bought mayo is disgusting, full of soybean oil and will give you a heart attack. The enzymes in the eggs and olive oil are intact and haven't been reduced or altered by heat. And the fat from the yolk is amazing for you, there's a reason the yolk is referred to as "brain food." I made tuna with the mayo

Lots of onions. Onions are a great prebiotic.

I also made some non offensive vegan food for Scott.

On nights I know he's coming over I make oats so he can eat them for breakfast the next morning. I combine 1 cup gluten free oats with 1 cup full-fat coconut milk. I always add raw honey for sweetness, along with whatever I feel like adding. I don't heat anything. Soaking overnight works just fine. He added the banana himself.

And I made this quinoa concoction that he ate for lunch...with fries.

-1 cup quinoa
-onions sauteed in coconut oil
-1 can black beans

Gettin' there.

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