Monday, September 26, 2011

monday food journal

Breakfast at 7:30- 3.5 pieces of bacon and two eggs cooked in coconut oil with a glass of raw milk

Snack at 10:00- piece of white fish cooked in butter, 1 small tomato, tomato paste, garlic and cilantro

Lunch at 12:30- 1 can smoked clams in olive oil and one avocado wtih sea salt

Looks small, but is really decently sized.

Snack at 3:30- two hard boiled eggs with sea salt
Snack at 5:30- raw honey and raw almond butter with a glass of raw milk

Dinner at 8:30- Chipotle salad bowl! Lettuce, double steak, double tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole

Only ate half. These bowls are gigantic, I saved the other half for lunch tomorrow.

I used LIVESTRONG.COM  to track everything I ate. I highly suggest this website if you have trouble losing weight or keeping track of what you eat. Keeping a food journal can be incredibly helpful, as many people really don't realize how much they're consuming. You can just search for whatever you ate and it will come up with the nutritional value of that food (and several prepared foods from grocery stores, restaurants, etc). If you cannot find the exact food you consumed, you can substitute with the list of foods they provide. For example, I had white fish today, and I used Tesco white fish to add to my list of daily eats. I didn't specifically eat Tesco white fish, but it's similar enough. So this is what my nutritional stats for the day shape up to be:

Cals: 2789.5
Fat: 214.25
Cholesterol: 1171.25
Sodium: 3000
Carbs: 95.75
Fiber: 30.5
Protein: 142.75
Sugars: 55.25

As you can see, I consume a lot of calories and generall stay pretty low in the carb department. I'd like to keep my body in ketosis, but that calls for about 50-80 grams a day. If I were actively trying to lose fat, I would strictly put my body in ketosis and lower my carb intake (as well as my sugar intake). But I'm still pretty low at around 96 grams. My sugar intake is a little high. This doesn't concern me as I no longer have serious candida issues. It also doesn't concern me because the sugar is from the milk I drink, and from the raw honey (the only sweetener I use on a regular basis). Raw honey has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which are great for the gut. My sodium and cholesterol are high but this doesn't concern me at all. So 66.83% of my diet is fat, 19.85% is portein and carbs are 13.32%.

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