Thursday, September 15, 2011

failed mac and cheeze

So in preparation of the premiere today of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, last night I attempted to make some vegan mac and cheese. Vegan, obviously because I'll be watching it at Scott's house. Otherwise, I would never do anything as ridiculous as make vegan mac and cheese. I absolutely love my cheesy, gluten-free regular mac and cheese. But that's not the point. The point is I searched around on the internetz and found recipes that bloggers said were amazing, and so much like real mac and cheese. I won't name names. But I will tell you what not to use when making vegan mac and cheese:

-navy beans
-roasted butternut squash
-nutritional  yeast

It came out like this:

Which I thought looked pretty promising. I mean, it was the color of cheese at least. I dipped my finger in to taste and immediately wanted to vomit. It tasted terrible. I was determined to make it taste better so I sauteed some onions and a little bit of garlic. This barely helped. I decided there was no way I would feed this to anyone, and tossed it. Thank god I didn't immediately dump it on the rice noodles and broccoli. I figure we can just use spaghetti sauce tonight instead.

Last night I also cooked up more chicken along with some canned green beans. I know most people hate canned green beans, but I love 'em. The way some people prefer canned peas to fresh or frozen (though I am not one of those people). I cooked the chicken in coconut oil and salt and pepper. I took the chicken out added the green beans and some diced onion to the same pan, along with a ton of butter. Super easy. I had a little bit for dinner

I only had such a small amount because I also had a spicy California roll with brown rice from Yes! Organic Market. Though I did take most the rice off of the roll. Now I have the rest of the chicken and green beans for lunch today. So despite the disgusting mac and cheese fail, it was a pretty successful night of cooking.

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