Friday, September 16, 2011


I'm tired! Only six hours of sleep and spent a significant portion of today on my feet already. This blog post will be in bullet form.

  • Chipotle for dinner last night,
  • At Scott's house, to watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • I brought him gluten-free rice mac and broccoli that he added spaghetti sauce and stuff to
  • No pictures because I'm retarded
  • But since he's awesome, he got us these from Sticky Fingers, vanilla, coconut, gluten-free chocolate
  • I'm not so fond of the GF chocolate, so I dominated the vanilla cupcake
  • Scott insisted he get a picture of me biting into the cupcake
  • Knew I shouldn't have had a cancer cupcake (I call it a cancer cupcake because I've looked at the ingredients: flour, soy, canola, sugar, death)
  • But I did get in a really good primal breakfast
  • Tonight is my buddy Dale's birthday party! Dale and I, as a gang

Happy almost birthday, Dale! Even though you totally don't read my blog and get really annoyed when I talk about nutrition.

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