Wednesday, September 21, 2011

mexican shrimp with caluflower rice

The other night I made cauliflower rice! Which isn't so much like rice, but whatever. It's lower in carbs and much easier on your digestive tract. I put half a head of cauliflower in the food processor. Then added it to a covered pan with some water until it softened. I then added a lot of butter. Of course. I was feelin' Mexican food that night so to another pan I added shrimp, tomato paste, coconut oil, butter, garlic and cilantro.

So tasty. I topped the cauliflower with the shrimp.

And served that with avocado topped with sea salt and olive oil in a lettuce wrap.

Primal! And I've been all primal today. Two eggs cooked in butter for breakfast. Cabbage and onions in butter for lunch, along with some grass-fed sirloin. I think Scott and I are going to dinner tonight though, so hopefully I can get something primal while I'm out. And we're gonna see Straw Dogs! Why? Because I love Eric the vampire obviously. And here's a picture of Caedus getting a bath, because he is so cute!

I just want to kiss his face! He loves kisses.

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