Friday, September 2, 2011

so not primal today.

I wrote this several days ago and don't feel like changing tenses or putting anything in chronological order so just be aware of that when reading the following.

Last night I went grocery shopping at Trader J's. I got some vegan items to feed Scott, since he never cooks on his own and usually ends up buying some fake, processed soy meat. This concerns me greatly. One of the things I bought was oats (gluten free). Most of the popular blogs I read (excluding the primal/paleo blogs) are all about oats. I think they kind of suck, but whatever. I decided to experiment. I did the ever popular overnight oats in a jar. I combined the rest of the almond butter jar (about a table spoon) plus more almond butter, half cup oats, half cup raw milk and some raw honey. I let it sit overnight.

I'll give it this: it tasted good. I was wondering if it's as filling as everyone says it is. I normally have something like this for breakfast

Two eggs cooked in butter with smoked salmon. And I normally am good until lunch time, around 12. Yeahhh, I was hungry again by 9:20. Stupid oats. Not to mention that I had the oats and 1 deviled egg (I made some deviled eggs to eat at lunch) and was still hungry. And, I felt bloated. And if I took my shirt off, I'd probably look bloated. So, while I may make Scott some oats for breakfast or as a snack or something (I couldn't really think of many other vegan ingredients that didn't offend me, except beans) I will definitely not be consuming them.

As an aside, I dominated some Chipotle for dinner last night. God I love Chipotle. I wish I had a popular blog so they'd send me free things, though I really have no idea how they'd even do that. Mail me some burritos, Chipotle! Or gift cards, whatever.

Steak bowl with veggies. No beans or rice.

Tonight is taco night! I freaking love tacos. I am making black bean tacos. I was going to have mine with chicken, until I opened the chicken I had frozen and it totally looked and smelled weird, so I tossed that shit. I wanted to buy dried black beans and soak them overnight to reduce the phytic acid content. But Trader J's did not have dried beans. This blew me, and I ended up just buying canned beans. Now that I think about it, I am pretty sure I accidentally bought the inorganic beans. Dammit.

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