Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the best meatballs ever made.

I made the best meatballs last night. Like, amazing. I'm not at all modest about that fact. Sorry I'm not sorry. They were so good. I finally figured out how to get the texture down to ensure moist, not piecey meatballs. The ground beef I get, like most ground beef is not ground super fine. It is still piecey or sort of thick. I stumbled upon all of this by chance. I just put all of my ingredients, including the beef in the food processor. I used:

-2 pieces of pastured bacon
-1 pastured egg
-2 cloves garlic
-1 tbsp worcestirshire
-1lb grass-fed ground beef

I mixed it all in the food processor until everything was pulverized and combined. The meat felt so smooth (I know that's a weird thing to say).

Can you see the improved texture?!

I put the meatballs over some organic spaghetti sauce.

Then topped them with more spaghetti sauce, covered them and baked them on 425 for about 15 minutes.

When they were done I added some raw cheese. And I made enough for dinner and lunch today (which I'm super stoked about).

Why are you upside down?!

On another note, I worked out this morning!! Crazy, I know. Especially considering I haven't done it in so long. I did a tabata workout, otherwise known as "The world's greatest fat burning workout." Basically it's a four minute (!!) workout. You do an exercise for twenty seconds and then rest for ten. You do this for four minutes, but you do it high intensity/lift your max. I made it a twelve minute workout because I did four minutes of squats, four minutes of push ups and four minutes of sit ups/crunches. I really hate going to the gym in the morning and this is something I can wake up and easily do. I'm planning on doing this MWF. If I can't manage to get myself to do a twelve minute workout three times a week, then I'm just lazy as shit. I also plan to lower my carb intake. Some days I might be in the ketosis range (50-80 grams a day). But I don't intend to go over 100 grams. I figure I'll occasionally enter my food into LIVESTRONG.COM to make sure I'm not eating too many carbs (which is easy to do) until I can manage it for sure on my own. Obviously I'm not worried about eating too many veggies, but sometimes I'm just lenient about the carbs, even if they're grains. Time to get crackin'.

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